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How do you fix a speaker on a 1989 Dodge Caravan?

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You could have a blown outputs stage on your amp, or maybe the speaker's cooked. Check all your wiring. Try replacing the speakers. If the problem persists, install a new headunit and brand new wiring.

2015-07-15 21:41:25
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How do you fix blinking light on the front panel on a 1989 Dodge Caravan?

Need to know which light is blinking.

How do you fix your headlights of a dodge caravan?

Duct tape

How do you fix speedometer on dodge caravan?

1998 Dodge Caravan Speedometer Has a second connector attached with a white pigtail. What is that used for and will it operate without it?

How do you fix the EGR on a Dodge Caravan?

Usually you replace the egr valve.

How do you fix rear door on Dodge Grand Caravan?

You need to BClear. What is wrong with it?

How to fix Flashing headlights on 2001 dodge caravan?

There's a TSB on this problem.

How do you fix a P0340 code on a 1998 dodge caravan?

Replace the cam sensor

What can I do about the transmission fluid leaking in my 1986 dodge caravan?

Fix the cause, or keep adding fluid.

How do you fix a head gasket on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Go to a Car Repair Shop

How do you fix ac control panel in dodge caravan?

There is no repair procedure, it is a replacement only item.

How do you reset the malfunction indicator light in a 2005 dodge caravan?

you fix whatever is making it come on :-)

Who do you fix turn signal to lift but .I have signal to the right on 1999 dodge caravan?

You fix it cause its broke.... Check the left bulb

How do you fix a Dodge Caravan sliding door that only opens halfway?

Replace the wiring harness. Easy fix. Most likely is a broken wire.

How do fix the passenger window in a 2000 dodge caravan?

you probably need to clean and re-grease the window motor

How to fix 1997 dodge caravan abs light?

You need to have the system checked for codes to know what the problem could be.

Dodge caravan sliding door stuck on mini van?

The first thing a person should do when they experience their Dodge Caravan sliding door stuck, is to make sure there isn't something in the track. If this isn't the case, a mechanic will be able to fix it for you.

How do you fix the cable inside the drivers door to the power window of a 1997 dodge caravan?

replace window regulator assembly.

Your heater is blowing out cold air on your 1995 dodge caravan how do you fix this?

Possible cause thermostat bad stuck open

How much will it cost to fix flywheel on 2005 dodge caravan?

$450 Minimum at a private mom and pop repair shop.

EGR on 1994 dodge caravan what is it and how do you fix it?

its a exhausts gas regulator Exhaust gas recirculation valve. You usually need to replace it.

98 dodge grand caravan serpentine belt keeps falling off what do you need to do to fix it?

Fit a new belt tensioner

Why does the parking brake light on my 2004 Dodge Caravan stay on when I have released the brake?

Bad switch. Easy fix- cheap part!

How do you fix weatherstrip on your caravan windshield?

I have the same problem and I had to go to a dealer preferably dodge dealer to get it fixed. Popular problem on caravans!

Why would the gas gauge on a 1993 dodge caravan stop working and how would you fix it?

it could be the coil pack it could be the coil pack

How do you fix bad rotors on a Dodge Caravan?

You replace them. It's quite simple and involves only removing the brake caliper and caliper mounting.