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How do you fix a virus?


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Run an AntiVirus scan. If you don't have AntiVirus I suggest you find someone who know how to download it. This requires taking out the tower and installing in the others computer. It may take about 2 days to fix it depending on how bad it is.

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Fix your question you idiot, "Does Elsword have a virus?" And no, it doesn't

Housecall is not a virus but an online virus scanner

They allow virus to fix to the host.They help to invade host.

it is very slow and i woudl like to know how to get rid of a virus without spending money on someone to fix it and then they don't fix it propely

call answer it they will give you the answer then it will fix the viris

To fix any PC tech issue such as virus attack well.

Registry fix is a very good source to solving computer virus problems. Registry fix will scan your computer for viruses; however, like with all viruses, the sooner they are found, the easier registry fix can help you.

Call someone to help you fix it!

Fix cleaner isn't a virus, however the software doesn't do the job effectively. It constantly pop up and starts to scan. It always produces the same error messages and when I click on fix.. It claims its fixed, but not.

I called the technician to fix my computer it had a virus.

You will have to buy some Anti Virus software on a Disk like McAfee for example. You can then scan your whole computer and remove the virus.

It may be a virus and to fix it you need to: 1. Do an Virus scan 2.Update to the latest Antivirus Software(Firewall, Scan, etc.)

That warning means that your virus protection is turned off, not longer up to date, or you have none installed.

Nibue is the name ofA computer virusA navigation fix in Maine, USA.

There are many different ways to get rid of a virus. If the virus is extremely bad you can phone someone to fix it. But if the virus is fairly small you can use programs like zone alarm or search the Internet for a trusted virus killer thingy. Or lick a cow.

No. you cant. the only way is if you download Norton

Fixing a boot up structure that is corrupted due to a virus can be difficult to deal with depending on the extent of the damage done. Reformatting the hard will can fix the boot up structure. If the virus destroys the Master Boot Record then the hard drive is useless paper weight.

To check if it's hacked, get a virus scanner and run it on your computer. If your warranty's still up, then apple will fix it

It's actually really easy. Deactivate your virus program, run it, then turn your virus program back on.

Try for removal instructions. They're an anti-virus company and it's all listed under Virus Analysis.

ALWAYS fix virus problems with the computer running in 'safe mode'. When a computer has been started in safe mode, only the bare minimum systems software are started (so there's less likelihood of any virus finding somewhere to hide !). Run your anti-virus software, and act on any warnings. Re-boot the computer as normal, and it should have solved the problem.

It used to be safe currently there is a virus problem avoid it, for a while youtube is aware of this problem and they will fix it this problem pops up every 5 years or so

The real question is, how do you know your BIO's have a virus?If for some reason they really are corrupt. You will have to flash the firmware. If that's not possible the get another motherboard.

Some bacteria that are helpful but the virus bacterias never do. So it really depends!

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