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How do you fix a wooden table after nail polish remover has spilled on it?



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Here is what worked for me after I spilled nail polish remover all over my beatiful wooden table: First, I mix amonia with hot water and washed the table with it, sqeezing extra water over the stains. Then, I used a stell wool pad to scrub the stains, which seemed to help clear them up. After everything had been srubbed well, I cleaned the table again with the amonia and water. Once it was dry, and dribbled baby oil over the places where the stains were and let it sit there for an hour before wiping it up. The table looks great, and I thought it had been ruined. I hope this helps someone else in that situation. An easy quick soulution is put mayo over the stain. Let it sit there for about 2 hours. It really helps make it less noticable even though it doesn't completely remove the stain.