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Q: How do you fix error 115 in wizard 101?
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How can you get to the kraken in wizard 101?

You need to fix the teleporter

How do you fix wizard101 error 115?

im sure there is some hooker who can tell you

How do you fix error 115 on wizard101?

im sure there is some hooker who can tell you

What is generic error?

It can be before system crash - it usually goes with svchost errors. To fix it use Svchost Fix Wizard. Good Luck!

Why wont quest helper work on wizard 101?

Even Though that is hugely off topic its a glitch/bug you can fix it by relogging .-.

How to prevent the rundll error?

Hi, I've heard about special utility Rundll Error Fix Wizard - try to google it. Also scan your PC with your antivirus software.

How do you fix the 'Wizard 101 Crown Generator'?

That would entirely depend upon what is wrong with it. For common issues, consult the online FAQ and knowledgebase.

What is it - rundll32 exe application error What is the reason of rundll errors?

It can be file or registry corrupt - you can fix it with Rundll Error Fix Wizard - this one helped me (google it).It can also be a virus - if so scan your PC with antivirus with latest updates.

How do you fix 'Error 101' in Quark Express?

That error bothered me quite often years ago while using Quark 4.0. One way to fix it is throw away the quark preferences file and restart, a longer fix, totally reinstall Quark.

Can svchost steal information from your computer?

Hello, If there is a type of virus - it can but if this is a system error - no. If you get svchost.exe error message use special utility Svchost Fix Wizard - it will help you to get rid of it.

Windows cannot find rundllexe?

Hello, To fix this kind of error use this special utility Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard. I've used it and it worked for me. Just google it.

Windows cannot find ccsv?

Hi, To eliminate this error try special tool: Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard - just google it.