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You can get it buffed at bestbuy, GameStop, or game central. In the future I would suggest installing you games to your console.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-22 17:06:19
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Q: How do you fix extremely scratched xbox 360 games?
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Why is your Xbox 360 not reading Xbox 360 games?

Either the game you have is dirty or scratched, or your xbox 360 disc reader is broken

What does saving games on xbox 360 do?

It is suppose to make the Xbox 360 quieter with the games, take less load time, and the reduce chance of your disc getting scratched .

Why can't i play new Xbox 360 games like cod mw2 or l4d2 in my Xbox 360?

Either they're for a different console, or they are scratched or damaged.

What does installing games on xbox 360 do?

It decreases loading times, makes your xbox quieter, and if your disk is really scratched up you can still play it.

Does Xbox 360 do backward compatibility with Xbox games?

The Xbox 360 can play original Xbox games but the Xbox doesnt play Xbox 360 games.

Can you pklay Xbox 360 games on Xbox?

no. you need an xbox 360. not a regular xbox to play 360 games.

Do Xbox games work on Xbox 360 slim?

All xbox 360 games work on the xbox 360 range. Just xbox games wont work on the xbox 360

Can you play Xbox 360 games on a old Xbox?

No, Xbox 360 games can only be played on the Xbox 360. However some Xbox original games can be played on the Xbox 360.

If you stand your Xbox 360 will the discs get scratched when read?


Why upload games to the Xbox 360?

to release strain on the lens or if your game is to scratched to work get a friend that has the same game and copy it on the HD and then you can play with a scratched disk

Can you play Xbox 360 games on the iPad?

No Xbox 360 games are only played on a Xbox 360

Do ps3 games work on xbox 360?

No, only Xbox 360 games work on Xbox 360.

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