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Squash (vegetable)

How do you fix onion root tips for squash prepration?


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January 20, 2008 5:43PM

follow this procedure.. 1.Collect two onion root tips and trim so that you have about 2 mm of the very tip. 2.Soak the tips in a few drops of 1 M HCl in a watch glass for about 10 min. 3.Transfer the tips to a few drops of acetocarmine stain for about 15 min. 4.Transfer one tip to a few drops of water on a slide. Lower a cover slip onto the tip and press it down gently so that the tip squashes out to about 7 mm (1/3 inch) around. 5.Look for mitoses under high power (X40) or under oil immersion (X100) (If this fails for any reason try your other root tip)