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Nothing. It is water and it's supposed to do that.

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Why would You have water dripping out of out central air unit?

This is water that has condensed out of the room air on the evaporator coils of the air conditioner, and it is completely normal. If the humidity is high, one will see more water condensing and dripping from the air conditioner than when the room air is dry.

Is the water dripping outside from my air conditioning unit have freon in it?

No, The refrigerant within the system is on the inside of the pipes and the water condensing on the coils from the moisture in the homes air and running out of the drain is on the outside of the pipes.

Is water condensing a physical or chemical change?

water condensing is a physical change.

What does an object look like when its condensing before and after?

before it looks normal and after it has drops of water all over it in about a day

What is it if the air handler unit is dripping a lot of water inside the closet and the drain is clear?

Depending on the conditions but if you are certain that drains are clear then this may be caused by warm air from closet condensing on a/h

Why is water dripping out of my exhaust?

if a small amount of water is dripping it is normal condensation from running an engine

What is wrong if my air conditioner is not dripping water?

Your air conditioner may be faulty if it is not dripping water.

How much water does a dripping faucet waste?

It depends on how FAST it is dripping.

Is condensing water vapor into rainfall a chemical or physical change?

Condensing is a physical process.

What is the meaning of the word dripping?

If something is "dripping", then it usually means that water is coming from it slowly and intermittently. For example, if a wet towel is hung on a rail, it would be "dripping" water.

Water dripping from the exhaust pipe?

This is normal (condensation) as long as it is not engine coolant dripping out.

What is water vapor doing when its changed to water?

The water vapour is condensing.

Why is water dripping from your water pump?

Water leaking from the seal

Scientifically what is meant by condensing?

The scientific definition of condensing is the reduction of a gas to a liquid. Water is a substance that condenses.

What do you call theprocess in which water vapour becomes water?


Can pipes still freeze with water left dripping?

yes and if it is frosty and the water is left dripping you can also get ice forming in your drains.

Is water condensing a reversible change?


How do you get pure water from a salt and water solution?

By evaporating the water of the solution and condensing it.

Copper oxide plus sulfuric acid equals?

Copper Sulfate and Water. The chemical reactions looks like this. CuO + H2SO4 = CuSO4 + H2O

Make a sentence with the word condensing?

Condensing is process by which liquids are made thicket by removing some of the water contents in them.

What is condensing point?

The condensing point is the particular temperature at which a substance changes state from gas to liquid. The condensing point of water is 100 deg. C or 212 deg. F.

What occurs at the cloud base where water vapor begins condensing?

At the cloud base when water vapor begins condensing it begins to release it. This releasing is called rain.

Is dripping an adjective?

It can be (e.g. dripping water). But it can also be a verb or noun. It is the present participle of the verb "to drip."

Water condensing from steam exothermic or endothermic?


Is water condensing from steam endothermic or exothermic?