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This is water that has condensed out of the room air on the evaporator coils of the air conditioner, and it is completely normal. If the humidity is high, one will see more water condensing and dripping from the air conditioner than when the room air is dry.

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Q: Why would You have water dripping out of out central air unit?
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What does it mean when water is dripping from the ac unit in the house How do you stop your central AC from dripping water in the return air vent?

Water will condense in the inside unit of the air conditioner. This is because the coils in the unit get cold (ad expected) and moisture in the air condenses on them like moisture on a cold glass. There should be a drain inside the unit to drain this water. Check that it isn't clogged.

What would cause a central air conditioner to make a dripping sound in the inside unit and leak water?

When air is cooled the water in it comes out (like mist forming on the outside of a class filled with cold coke) and this happens in the air conditioner. Normally the dripping water is drained way to the outside (or a drain) by a pipe. If the pipe gets blocked the water will overflow and the conditioner will leak water - get it serviced.

How do you fix the copper line from the condensing unit if it has been dripping what looks like water?

Nothing. It is water and it's supposed to do that.

Why is central air unit sucking the water from the a- coil down and dripping on the motor It shorted out your breakers and you replaced them The water drain is clear What is causing this hard vacuum?

The condensate drain on the a-coil should have a trap and the trap should be vented for proper operation .

Does the water dripping outside from my air conditioning unit have freon in it?

No, the freon is in a sealed piping system. The water dripping outside is most likely due to condensation. Plus, freon is a gas under normal atmospheric conditions.

How do you stop water from dripping off the evaporator coil and into the bottom of the furnace unit The drain pipe is clear but the water drips off the coil before it gets to the drain pipe?

re-level the unit,and/or clean the coil

What causes condensation in a ac unit?

As the unit cools the Air, the air is less able to hold moisture. This excess moisture is Condensed into liquid water on the cooling coils (Condenser Unit). A drain pan is required to catch the dripping water and channel it away.

Why your split AC not dripping water outside like it use to before it was serviced?

Sounds like: 1. The "drip pipe" (condensate drain) is blocked, or 2. The chiller unit is not working - because chilled air gives up its humidity, "dripping" (condensation) is a sign that the chiller unit is actually chilling the air and producing water - the "drips".

Is it safe if your air con unit does not drip water outside?

I. Hope so because my window conditioner use to drip but recently has stopped dripping but most likely it is not good if the unit does not drip.

When did Central Unit end?

Central Unit ended in 2011.

Is the water dripping outside from my air conditioning unit have freon in it?

No, The refrigerant within the system is on the inside of the pipes and the water condensing on the coils from the moisture in the homes air and running out of the drain is on the outside of the pipes.

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