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What does computer process contain?

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what does a process contain

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What does a computer processor contain?

stuff to process computers.

What is the difference between a computer process and thread in microprocessor?

A thread is a sub process in other words one process can contain multiple threads.

What process does a computer do?

what process does a computer do

What does a computer process contains?

Processes are an operating system concept used to allow multiple programs to appear to run simultaneously on one computer. The operating system allocates at least one process to every program and switches periodically from running one process to another process.As a process is a concept, not a physical object, it does not actually contain anything.

What is nesting in computer science?

Nesting is the process of organizing information in layers. For an example, a loop in a program can contain another loop which can contain yet another loop. This is called nested loops.

Can a computer process data?

Yes, computer can process data.

What is the latest computer process?

Which ever process was started last on your computer.

What is the name of the process by which most of the world's autotrophs make their food?

If they contain chlorophyll, the process is photosynthesis. If they do not contain chlorophyll, the process is called chemosynthesis.

How does a personal computer process information?

A personal computer process information through its processor, the "brain" of a computer.

What was a computer used to contain?

Documents and photographs can be stored on a computer hard drive. A computer may also contain music files and programs such as a word processor and spreadsheet.

Do a computer disk contain mercury?


What does a desktop computer contain?


What does an executable file contain?

An executable file contains the data needed for a computer to process and install an application or program. It is the instructions on how the new application will run and perform.

What is a computer boot process?

A computer boot process is the procedure of starting a computer from scratch, culminating in the loading of and operating system.

What is the computer pooting process?

It is when the computer has gas.

What does a computer process?

Computers process data.

What is the process of instructing the computer to solve a problem?

Programming is the process of instructing a computer to solve a problem.

What computers are used in computer graphics?

The GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), also referred to as the "Graphics Card" or "Video Card" is what processes computer graphics. This is a component in a computer. Computers meant to process this type of data usually contain powerful GPUs and are referred to as "Workstations". They usually contain a large amount of RAM and a large, or sometimes multiple large hard drives.

What is number system in computer science?

because he contain distinct number in the computer.

Computer process output information into input data?

No. Computer process (input) information into (output) data.

What metals does a computer contain?

gold and copper ...

Must a computer algorithm contain a loop?


What are the causes of computer risk?

the contain radiation

What is smelting process?

A process of melting and decomposing ores to separate the metals they contain.

What is meant by process in computer science?

When you tell your computer to run a program, a new process is created which runs the code in that program. A process is an instance of a program.