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How do you fix the machine on club penguin?


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press the coffee machine filled with coffee beans

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put a snowball in to your mums but

You can't fix a penguin on Club Penguin because it's an animal.

What trough on club penguin?!

DanceAlso why do you play club penguin, its terrible

there is no possible way to fix the dane club

On your spy phone press the red button and drag the wrench to the hot choclate machine

get the hot coco and pour it into the cup then get the wreah and turn the milk

To get the runnuing machine going on club penguin first you get a snow ball by pressing T then through it at the machine

To use the time machine on club penguin buy the hat at the stage and go into the box

you can not it is impossible

on clubpenguin how do you turn on the machine?

Go to YouTube and type Club Penguin Mission 3 Avalanche Rescue.

You should go to club penguin support on the club penguin website. Either you are banned or you have a bad internet connection.

You download desktop destroyer and get a machine gun and start shooting club penguin and it will explode in 8 minutes and club penguin wont exist

go to the night club and go to the mixing machine to play DJ3K ( the club penguin version of DJ ) have fun ;)

In the mission? In your spy phone, get the wrench out to fix it.

you cant fix the spy phone on club penguin you dummys

You have to connect the pipes to the boiler from the starting pipe to fix it.

So no one stealing from them.

you cant there's no boiler

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