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How do you fix the speedometer on your 87 supra?

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Probably replace the speedometer cable. The cable connects to the side of the transmission, then runs up the bottom of the car to the firewall, then into the back of the instrument cluster.

The cable is turned at the bottom by the transmission, and at the top end the cable turns the mechanism of the speedometer.

It's probably 1 of 3 things: The speedometer cable is broken, or the cable is loose at one of the two ends, or the speedometer gauge is broken.

You can take the instrument panel off and look at the end of the cable where it sticks out. If you do that and drive a short distance, you can see whether or not the transmission is turning the cable.

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How do you fix speedometer on 87 Nissan Truck?

you will have to replace.

Where is the lower speedometer cable located on an 1987 supra non turbo 5 speed?

I've replaced the speedometer Cable on my 87 Supra with manual Tranny and they're in two pieces the short piece which around 14" is underneath beside the transmission and could be replaced individually.

Can you put a 90s Supra differential on an 87 Supra?


How do you fix the speedometer in a 92 LeBaron?

Replace the Distributor, i did this on my 87, and my speedo started working again.

How do you repair the speedometer on a 1982 Toyota Supra?

Speedometers have to be repaired by an authorized repair shop.

How do you change speedometer for 1986 mr2?

how to fix speedometer for Toyota mr2

How much turbo boost does a 87 Toyota supra have?

The stock boost of a 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo is 6.8 psi/0.46884349504 bar.

What is the top speed of a 1984 Toyota Celica supra?

i had my 84 supra up to 135mph. this is despite the speedometer only going up to 130mph. my buddy in his 944 turbo was pacing me.

What is the bluebook value of a Toyota supra? look it up Im actually looking at buying an 87 supra right now. if its a mk3 supra then I wouldn't pay more than 2500 for a car.

The spring right in front of the needle on your speedometer is unwound how do you fix it?

Send to a speedometer repair shop or replace speedometer head

How do you change the speedometer bulbs on an 87 GMC sierra?

You will need to remove the instrument panel cover. Remove the retaining screws from the speedometer. The lightbulb will be on the back of the speedometer.

1983 Chevy Celebrity how to fix speedometer?

If the speedometer is not working it probably needs a new speedometer cable. If the speedometer is actually broken either take it to as speedometer repair shop or replace it.

How do you fix the odometer on 1998 Ford Expedition when the speedometer still works?

Have speedometer head repaired professionally or replace speedometer head

What was the red car crushed Gone in 60 seconds?

87-92 Gen Supra

1987 Toyota supra automatic transmission will work on a 1985 Toyota Supra?

Sorry no, the 87 is a mk3 and the 85 an mk2 very little is the same if any.

How do you fix a blown head gasket on a 1990 Toyota Supra?

Replace the head gasket is the only fix.

Where do you look for the problem and how do you fix it if the speedometer on a 1993 Mercury Topaz is not working?

Most likely speedometer cable

Why did your speedometer stop working its digital?

My 89Chevrolet astro van digital speedometer stop working. How do I fix it

How can you fix your speedometer on your 98 gmc jimmy?

May have to take the truck to a certified speedometer repair shop

How do you fix your speedometer on your 1990 Oldsmobile cutlass?

May have to take it to a certified speedometer repair shop

Where is the clutch start switch on a 87 supra?

its on the backm of the clutch pedal its about 2 inches long

Can i use a 88-92 5 speed trans in my 87 supra 7mge?


How do you fix a broken speedometer on a 1997 neon?

By replacing it.

How do you fix your speedometer in your car?

spray graphite on it(the cable)

Carsa digital speedometer how do you fix?

check the fuse