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How do you flash your high beams?

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I don't know what kind of car you have or the age, but most cars today have the flash feature on the arm that turns on the lights or on the turn signal. You just move it towards you. If you go out to your car you will see that the arm will move and that is it.

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What is the best technique to use if youare approching another driver with their high-beams on?

Flash your high beams

Can you blink your head light to on coming vehicle to dim their lights?

The rule of the road is to flash your high beams to remind them to turn their high beams off.

What do you do if an oncoming vehicle has its high beam headlights on?

Flash your high beams once or twice quickly

A signal used to give warning?

Flash high beams. Sound the horn.

Why do your head lights on a 1999 blazer flash at night with high beams on?

loose connection

When turning on head lights in my 1993 ford explorer they do not work when you hold the high beam switch then the head lights work?

your bulbs are burnt out. when you switch on the high beams its only the high beams. but when you flash your brights it lights up both high and low beams.

What should you do when an oncoming car is using its high beam?

Flash your high beams quickly to remind the other driver to drop the high beams and if that doesn't work try to focus on the right side of the road.

How do you raise and lower the headlights of a 1993 Ford Probe?

Answer: on the turning signal switch turn the handle forward for headlights. high beams pull in to flash. push out for high beams to stay on.

How do you switch from high beam to low beams on 99 ford explorer?

Pull back on the turn signal lever to change from high beams to low beams If the turn signal lever is pushed forward the high beams stay on and if the turn signal lever is pulled back all the way that is the " flash to pass " feature

What do you do if blinded by incoming traffic?

Quickly flash your high beams alerting the oncoming driver that their high beams are on. If that doesn't work focus on the white line on right side of the road until they pass.

What should you do when you vehicle encounter a vehiche withits high beams on?

Flash by putting your high beam on and switching back to low beam

1999 ford explorer no low beams and only high beams when the switch is held back?

Yes. That is by design. Pulling back on the switch is used for 'flash to pass'.

What should a driver do at night if an oncoming car has its high beams shining into your eyes?

Look down to the right hand side and use the edge of the road as a guide. If you are MORE than 500 feet away from the car with it's high beams on, it IS legal to briefly "flash" your high beams on AND right back off. However, if you are LESS than 500 feet from the oncoming car, you could get a ticket for briefly turning your high beams on/off as a reminder-signal to the other driver to "turn off your high beams, buddy!"

Why will my high beams work but my low beams do not on my 1994 Chevy half ton?

Your high beams work but your low beams do not because the switch is broken that switches between high and low beams. Electrical switches wear out.

When the low beams are on the high beam indicator is on too?

the high beam indicator is only on when the high beams are on

When you approach a car using their high-beam lights you should?

you should look at the center of the road at the white line You can quickly flash your high beams to remind them that their highs are on.

How do you turn on the high beams for 1979 Corvette?

how do you turn on high beams on 1979 corvette

When are high beams best used for?

High beams on vehicles are for when the road is really dark and the low beams aren't bright enough to see.

When its snowing should you use high or low beams?

Low beams...high beams will light up the snowflakes and actually impair vision.

If a car with bright light comes toward you at night you should?

First flash from low to high beams and back. This is a polite reminder to the other driver that he has his high beams on and that he is blinding you. If that doesn't work, and he leaves his high beams on, check traffic out in front of you, in your lane, as far as you can see. If you lane is clear look down and to the right side of the lane you are in until he passes you. This allows you to stay in your lane and not weave.

How do you turn on the high beams in your Subaru Forester?

The high beam switch is activated by the turn signal lever on the left side of the steering wheel column. There are basically three settings - On, Off, and Flash. On is when the lever is pushed away from you, Off is with the lever in its normal position, and Flash is with the lever pulled towards you. To "flash" the high beams, pull the turn signal lever towards you. The high beams will come on for as long as you pull the lever towards you. Releasing the lever will return it to its normal position and the high beams will go off. This will work regardless of whether you have the headlights turned on or off. Among other things, flashing is good for giving someone right of way, for letting someone enter a highway, or to let another driver know that they are blinding you with their high beams! Pushing the turn signal lever away from you will cause the high beams to come on (only if the headlights are turned on at the time) and stay on until you pull the lever towards you again. When you push the lever away from you it will stay in that position until you pull it back to the middle position again. This setting is good for driving on unlit streets. When the high beam switch is activated (On or Flash) you should see a blue light on the dashboard that looks like a little headlamp.

If you are using your high beams at night and another car approaches what should you do?

You need to turn your high beams down and ,after the car passes, you may turn them back to high beams

Should you use your low beams or high beams when driving in fog?

You should use low beams when driving in fog. It is more difficult to see driving with high beams in fog.

When you are driving in snow or fog should you use your high beams or low beams?

Low beams - high beams only light up the snow or fog which further impairs vision.

Why does my 1998 dodge ram 1500 low beam lights seem very dim but high beams seem ok?

Look at headlight lenses, if they are all clowdy, low beams will be dim and high beams will help Look at headlight lenses, if they are all clowdy, low beams will be dim and high beams will help Look at headlight lenses, if they are all clowdy, low beams will be dim and high beams will help