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How do you flirt with Gary the gadget guy?


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i think you cant flirt with him i guess hes not interested

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Gary the Gadget Guy is a penguin off and his real name is Piebum Smellypants

Gary is on the gadget room but the gadget room is so secret that but no penguins has ever been there

Gary the Gadget Guy does not have an account on Club Penguin.

Gary the gadget guy is a penguin off clubpenguin and his nick name is G he is an inventore that invents for agents in there misshons and on the DS game.

Gary the Gadget Guy, of course.

Gary the Gadget Guy is in the Sport Shop in the Ski Village.

To meet Gary The Gadget Guy is not very easy, Somtimes the server is full or the room is full too. Im telling you that because Candance was there and i could not get to her... so type in Google; 'Gary The Gadget Guy Tracker' and It Will Say If He's Online If So, It Will Tell You Where He is! So That's How You Can Find Him!

Gary the Gadget Guy... That is all i can say...

Either use a tracker or ask another penguin where Gary is.

Gary is his original name and his agent name is G but some people call him Gary the gadget guy

you find him at the Halloween party!!!!!!!good luck!!!!!

Gary is not online to be updated check this every day not every day i will upgrade it

Gary the Gadget Guy can sometimes be found when something needs to be fixed, such as during the Festival of Flight, while he was fixing the windows to the Underground Pool. He also often appears at the Halloween parties.

Gary the gadget guy needs a code cracking to find it out. Go to the petshop, click the note pinned to the kennel and then crack the code by using your code cracker thing in the bottom. go to the sport shop and ta da!

no she is scared because rookie works there

i know how its either to meet him or go and the guy will let you get it in buy items it will be updated in the blog when he comes

on club penguin missions or use the penguin tracker on

he has 2 legs and thats how much legs he has and he is small thats what she said

Aunt ArticCandaceGary the Gadget GuyRockhopperAnd That's about it

It only happened when Gary The Gadget Guy came to fix the windows of the Cave.

mostly at the good things also aunt artic willbe at the stage

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