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Q: How do you fly UFO on roblozx?
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Did God and Jesus fly in a UFO?

No, God and Jesus never flew in a UFO.

How do you drive a UFO on gta vice city?

You cannot drive a Ufo as the game developers haven't provided any ufo.You can Modify the helicopters with a ufo mod and then fly them.

What is the use of UFO?

To fly aliens to different places.

How do you activate the UFO on Astro Knights?

you type 52,56 then you fly.

What does 'UFO' mean?

UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. It means an object seen flying or appearing to fly that the observer can't identify what it is.

Where are UFOs located at?

People say in space but really UFO. Means unidentified. Fly object so like a Frisbee could be a UFO if u thinking UFO as in aliens those are not real at all.

Can you really fly a mystery UFO without a string?

You sure can, with rope!!

What cool things do your gooey aliens do?

They fly around the world in a ufo

Can UFOs fly?

Since UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, yes, UFOs can fly.

Lego Indiana Jones 2 how to get alien?

First you find and buy the UFO. then you fly to the costs of the island and close to where the UFO lands you'll find a race. After completing it the Alien will appear next to where the UFO lands!

How do you make a mini UFO without an engine?

Try a frisbe, they can even fly for short distances.

How can you make a Harlequin on Howrse?

you have to get all the masks that fly as UFO's and then put them all on one horse

Are there UFOs in red dead redemption?

There are no UFO's in Red Dead Redemption. Don't believe it if someone tells you there are, because there are no UFO's! The only things that fly in the sky in Red Dead Redemption are birds!

How do you get free saddlery items on Howrse?

You have to catch a UFO which is an item that fly's across the page every once and a wile.

Should it be UFO or UFO?

It should be capitalized as UFO, not ufo.

How do you fly through walls in call of duty black ops zombies?

By activating 'UFO' or 'noclip' command on PC zombies

How do you get past level7-3 on Scribblenauts for ds?

first tap the helmet to get away from the rope then make a ufo so maxwell can fly without having to recharge then just fly through the flags

Things that fly?

helicopter, airplane, UFO, blimp, space shuttle, hot air balloon, bird, bumblebee, bats,butterflies,etc.

What is the UFO cheat?

Yes if u dont want to use fuel press space an u will still fly but u will not be using the fuel.

How do you get onto the UFO?

if you are an allien then you willprobally fly onto it are a big door will come down with stairs and you walk on Up within a vortex.

Is Unidentified Flying Object real?

Sort of, not really. While an object can fly and be unidentified, it cannot be an unidentified flying object. Once it's given the label of UFO, it is given an identity. Once it is given an identity it cannot be unidentified. Once it cannot be unidentified it cannot be a UFO.

Are UFO s real?

Ufo's have been spotted but nobody knows for sure what the object is that is what ufo means ufo=unidentified flying object

What do people usually see on a UFO sighting?

They usually see UFO's at a UFO sighting

Do UFO really exsict?

Ufo's do exist because a Ufo is a thing in the sky that you can not explain.

How do you spell the word ufos or UFO's?

Because UFO is an abbreviation, UFO's or UFOs is correct.