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You can only do it on Super Power Island.

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How do you fly on poptropica any island?

The only Island you can fly on is Super Power Island.

Can you fly on any island on Poptropica?

You can fly with the JETPACK on Early Poptropica. You can fly after capturing five supervillains on Super Power Island. Unfortunately, these abilities work only on their respective islands.

How do you get to Diary of a Wimpy Kid island on Poptropica?

Wimpy Wonderland is the 19th Poptropica island (released June 2, 2011). Leave any island on Main Street and fly to the island on the blimp.

How do you get rid of the shaft on nabooti island on poptropica?

you have to press fly then go any where in Naboti island or press float

How do you get to naaboti island on poptropica?

go to the blimp and fly to the island

How can you fly everywere on Poptropica?

you cant fly everywhere on poptropica but if you capture 5 prisoners and then go to the telaphone booth on super power island you will have the ability to fly but only on that island.

On poptropica can you fly on 24 carrot island?

It is not possible for a person to fly on 24 Carrot Island on Poptropica. A person will only be able to jump on this level.

Where do you close you eyes on Poptropica and move on any island on Poptropica?

Lets say if you went to super power island you would have to jump/fly on the news stand and jump on the rope.

How do you fly in poptripica?

Well you will have to defeat Super Power Island to fly, But you can only fly in Super Power Island, not in Poptropica.

Is there any island in Poptropica where you can fly?

You can gain the Flying super-power on Super Power Islnd if you defeat 5 of the 6 Super-Villains. You need to fly to defeat Betty Jetty. Unfortunately, the power only works in that island. You can get a Jet Pack to fly on Early Poptropica, but again, it only works on that island. (see related questions)

Can you fly on Poptropica besides early Poptropica and super power island?

why when i try ctrl+shift+F5 on poptropica but cannot

What to do with the fan after you get it in Poptropica?

Where? In Game Show Island? If so, you can use it to fly!

How do you get every power on super power island and get to use them on different islands on poptropica?

You can only get the power to fly. You can only use the flying power on super power island. You can though get a jet pack on early poptropica island and fly around on that island all you want with the jet pack but you can only use it on early poptropica island. - yeahdudes

Is there a code that can make you fly on poptropica without going on super power island?

No, but another thing that will make you fly is the jetpack. You get it at the aircraft graveyard on early poptropica.

How do you stay in one spot in midair in Poptropica?

LevitatingIn Early Poptropica Island, you can use the Jet Pack to fly. When you're flying, hold the left mouse button with the arrow on your character. In Super Power Island, use your flying power if you have it to fly. Do the same steps you'd do in Early Poptropica Island in Super Power Island.

How to fly in poptropica?

When you press F2 you can fly but it does not work now. But you can have flying power when you complete super power island

How do you fly on Poptropica without any items?

You can't. There are specific circumstances that allow you to fly, such as on Super Power island, which is a favorite place to play ad-games because you can fly through them. (see the related question)

On poptropica how do you fly on any island?

You can't. That would defeat many of the challenges on the islands. Going to Super Power Island is a favorite way to beat ad-games because you can fly on most of them once you have your power. (see related question)

Can you fly on Poptropica?

Only if you are on a island with a flying item or if you can buy it on the store menu. RNHP3

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