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well lets be more specific forget wat by the category u chose I would say u are talking about how 2 forget sex?. well just my opinion but find someone else or try not to think about it do something to get it out of your mind like volunteer work at a animal shelter or help the needy of just help some body or anything as a matter of fact I hope I helped!

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What is the present tense of forget?

Forget is present tense.I forgetWe forgetYou forgetHe/She/It forgetsThey forget

Which is correct Less you forget or Lest you forget?

Lest you forget.

What is the plural of forget-me-not?

The plural of forget-me not is forget-me-nots.

Present and perfect tense of forget?

I forget/I am forgetting - I will forget

What is the Opposite of remember?

The opposite of remember is forget.Forget

How do you borrow against your home when you have bad credit and no proof of income?

Forget it. You can't.Forget it. You can't.Forget it. You can't.Forget it. You can't.

How do you say ''forget'' in Spanish?

forget=olvidar or olvidarse

How do you use the word forget in a sentence?

I will try not to forget your birthday again.Forget it, you are useless to me.Did you forget your book?

How do you say forget in Spanish?

To Forget = OlvidarThe Spanish verb for "to forget" is "olvidar".

Is Demi Lovato's song called don't forget or did you forget?

Don't forget

How to forget a love?

Never Forget.

What is the plural of forget-you-not?


What does it mean when a friend says this to you 'I won't forget you over summer but don't forget me'?

The statement 'I won't forget you over summer, but don't forget me' is just what it means. The friend is saying that they will not forget you over summer, but are fearful you will forget them.

Can you eat forget-me-not leaves?

The forget-me-not is not toxic. The Chinese forget-me-not is mildly toxic.

Can you list songs with 'forget' in title?

yes i can before i forget by slipknot

What is the suffix for forget?

Forget itself has no suffix. But the word forgetful does. In this case -ful is the suffix.

How do you say forget in Portuguese?

esqueça - forget

Plural form of forget-me-not?


What is adjective of forget?

the adjective of forget is forgetful

What is the plural noun of forget-me-not?


What part of speech of forget?

forget is a verb

Is forget an abstract noun?

No. Forget is a verb.

What is the word 'forget' when translated from English to Japanese?

The verb "to forget" is 'wasureru' in Japanese.

How do you say never forget in Navajo language?

Baayoo inee - a directive or command to not forgetííshją́ -- don't forget!t'ááká baa yóónééh -- Don't forget!

What does lest mean?

lest = for fear of , in case eg lest we forget = for fear that we forget = in case we forget