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This is a pretty drastic process and takes several hours. If you have system slow downs and ongoing bugs you may be able to repair with software tools (see here), however that said, on with the show. The procedure will decimate the data on your C: drive, so it's crucial that you back up all the data you don't want to lose. Don't forget items like e-mail data and address books (see: How to backup e-mail.). Back up all your documents including your "My Documents" folder and all the data you've stored on your Windows Desktop which you'll find in c:\Windows\Desktop or c:\Windows\Profiles\\desktop, where is your Windows log-on. Don't worry about backing up programs that you can reinstall later, unless you want a complete backup of your C: drive in the event of a problem. Now, create a boot disk. Creating a Windows 98 boot disk is easy. If Windows 98 came factory-installed with your machine then one may have been supplied with your documentation. If not, you can create one through the Control Panel. In Windows, go to Add/Remove Programs and click the "StartUp Disk" tab and click the "Create Disk" button. It will create a boot disk on a blank floppy for you with CD-ROM support. This is important, as you'll need access to your CD-ROM drive to do a new Windows98 install. Once the boot disk is created, test it to see if you can access your CD-ROM drive. To do this reboot the machine with the floppy disk in the floppy drive and when the machine restarts choose "Start with CD-ROM support". At the prompt type d: and hit the Enter key. If the machine responds with D:\> you are in business. Next type "format c:" without the quotes (and hit ENTER). The C: drive (main hard drive) will then be wiped clean. Once the reformat is finished put your Windows CD-ROM disk in the CD-ROM drive, and type "D:\setup" at the prompt. Once Windows is finished installing, reinstall your backup software and restore your data to the hard drive.

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Q: How do you format Windows 98?
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How many time computer restart while format windows 98?


What is the difference between a Windows 98 startup disk and a boot disk created with the format A s command?

Windows 98 startup disk has some useful utilities and can be used to repair Windows 98 without any additional drives. A floppy which was created by format A s, just have loader, and couple system files to be able to boot MSDOS.

How do you wipe clean a hard drive running windows 98?

format your hard drive

Suppose you want to format a disk in drive B making it a bootable what command do you use in windows 98?

format B: /s

You have windows 98 can you update to Windows Vista on a desktop?

It depends on what kind of hardware you have. There is no direct upgrade from 98 to Vista. You'll have to basically format the drive and do a clean installation.

Does a Windows 98 edition PC has a point for inserting USB cord?

Windows 98 is the operating system. It does not dictate the physical format of the computer, nor what hardware is included in it beyond its basic system requirements. Thus, a computer with Windows 98 installed may or may not have USB ports.

How do you format a CD-RW disc on your HP using windows 98 second edition?

you shouldn't have to format a cd-rw just save files to it

How do you wipe a hard drive clean to reinstall windows 98?

at a c promts C:\ type in format C: the line will look like this C:\format C: It will ask you if you want to format your drive. Yes is go, No is keep what you have. You had better have a boot disk or you will end up with an empty computer. Boot from the windows 98 CD first, then format the C drive as described above.

Why wont windows 98 home publishing work on windows xp?

Windows 98 home publishing is for Windows 98. Windows 98 programs don't work well on Windows XP sometimes.

How do you remove a bogus copy of windows x p and install a window 98 original?

Insert your Windows 98 CD and reboot your computer. Begin the Windows 98 setup process. It will tell you that it does not recognize the filesystem on the hard drive, and will ask you to reformat it. Do so. It will then format the hard drive and reboot the computer. Start the setup program again, and follow the on-screen prompts to install Windows 98.

What are the unique features of windows 98?

There are no unique features of Windows 98, nothing is unique about Windows 98.

How to downgrade from windows XP to windos 98 As Windows 98 supports priting from dos based programme?

It is not recommended that you downgrade. Were you to downgrade, you would just insert the 98 install disk and format over XP or maybe make a partition. But instead, you should download VirtualBox onto XP and install Windows 98 within VirtualBox as a virtual guest computer.

What year did windows 98 come out?

Windows 98 came out in the year of 1998 that's why it's windows 98.

How do you install Windows 98 using a Windows XP CD?

That is not possible. if you want to install Windows 98, you will need a Windows 98 CD.

Desktop that can be used to replace windows 95 and windows 98 computers?

Any of the new desktops can be used for this purpose. You will be able to convert the files over to the new format.

Difference between windows 95 and windows 98?

difference between Windows 98 and Windows 95

What is the difference between Windows 3.11 and Windows 98?

What is the difference between windows 3.11 and and windows 98

Is there is a firewall in Windows 98?

Windows 98 does not include a firewall.

How many fonts can you install as maximum in almost any version of Windows 98?

Probably 1,000, depending on each format?

How many fonts can you install as maximum in any version of Windows 98?

Probably up to 1,000, depending on each format!

How many fonts can you install in almost any version of Windows 98?

Probably 1,000 as maximum, depending on whatever format?

How do you format CD for free?

Windows 98 comes with no tools to format a CD, but there are several free programs that can be used. You can find them in the Related links section below.

Can you reformat a floppy disk in Windows 98?

You can open "My Computer", right-click on the floppy, and select "Format". Or, open up a command window and type FORMAT A:

What is the difference between Windows 9x and Windows 98?

"Windows 9x" is the collective term for all operating systems in the 16/32-bit hybrid family. These are Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, and Windows ME. Windows 98 refers to a specific member or two members of this family.

If you have Win 98 and Win XP how can you remove 98 and format the same drive for XP?

You can install XP at 98 direct. Means there is no requirement to format 98. Go into your computer's BIOS and set the master boot device as the CD ROM drive. Insert the winxp disk and restart. From the screen that appears you should be able to format the Hard drive, convert the file system from FAT32 into NTFS, and install windows XP.