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you cant

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Q: How do you forward calls from home phone to cell phone?
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How do you forward calls from a magic jack to a cell phone?

to take your phone home

How do you forward your calls from home phone to your cell phone?

Dial *86, then dial the entire 10-digit phone number that you would like to forward your calls to.

Your cell phone got stolen so how do you forward all your cell calls to your home phone?

Call your service provider and they'll set it up for you.

Is it bad to forward collect calls from your cell phone to your home phone?

It depends - if you're paying for the collect call - it'll be cheaper from the home-phone than the mobile.

How can you receive calls on your cell phone that were originally for the home phone so that when someone calls the home phone you can answer using the cell phone?

call forwarding

How do you connect a cell phone with a home phone?

You can get a follow me service and all of your home calls can be sent to your cell phone if you aren't home.

HOW DO YOU revieve cell phone calls through your home phonE.?

Other people call you from their cell phone.

How do you connect a cell phone to ahome phone?

If you have call forwarding with your home phone you can have your calls sent to your cell phone.

How do you transfer your home phone to your nextel cellular phone?

With call forwarding added to your home service you can easily forward all your home phone calls to the cell phone. Call nextel and ask them to port it for you if you want to do away with the home phone. Your home phone number will soon be your new cell phone number. Don't dare cancel your home phone service until the change is completed and working properly.

How do you forward calls to a mobile phone from your landline?

On your home line, dial *(star) 86, then pause for a few moments. Next, enter in the entire 10-digit phone number that you wish to forward your calls to, and hang up the receiver.

What is a pay phone used for?

In exchange for a payment, a pay phone is used to make phone calls It also for people who don't have a home or cell phone

Using Call Forwarding on Your Cell Phone?

People are constantly on the move. Staying on top of phone calls is often difficult to do. With cell phones, call forwarding is a great way to manage this. For many people, there may be limits when it comes to cell phone contracts. Having a phone forwarded to the home phone when minutes are limited may be helpful. This is also great to do when it comes to having cell phone calls go to an office or home number.

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