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you open ur mouth and stick ur toungue in there mouth.

YOU LICK THEIR TONGUE! like a lolipop;)

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How do you get someone to french kiss you?

tell them french kiss me!!!

How do you passionatly kiss someone?

You just give them a french kiss

Has he french kiss someone?


What does to shift someone mean?

to 'shift someone' means to french kiss them or 'go with them'.

Can someone tell me how to kiss?

What find of kiss do u need help with it tap kiss, French kiss French kiss just follw da guy if he put his tongue in Ur Mouth do da same have fun!

Do the French call a French kiss a French kiss?

They don't. Americans call it a French kiss and the French call it a kiss.

What is an French kiss?


Is it better to French kiss?

For a special someone that you are romantically involved in, yes.

What do they call a French kiss in France?

The French call a French Kiss an English Kiss.

Can you french kiss someone on the first date?

i think the type kiss all depends on how you and your date hit it off. dont set out and plan like its a goal to get the "french kiss". just go with the flow.

Is it bad to french kiss your 13 year old second cousin when you are 12?

yes; you shouldn't french kiss anyone when you are 12 let alone someone related to you

What does it feel like to tongue kiss someone?

It will generally feel good for a person to tongue kiss someone. Tongue kissing is generally referred to as a French kiss. It can also be sloppy if you don't get it done right.

How old should you be to french kiss?

Just Do It When Your Ready, And With Someone You Really Like.

Does Joe Jonas want to french kiss someone?

i believe he wants to and already has french kissed Myley cyrys

What do you do after a French kiss?

Talk, kiss more but not french kiss, just a normal peck kiss.

What happens when you kiss someone and you have herpes?

There is a chance that they could catch herpes; it depends on the kiss. If it was a deep French kiss it is much more likely to transmit than a simple kiss on the cheek.

What is the meaning of special someone in spanish?

Alguien especial.

Why do you call a French kiss French kiss?

because its not just a regular kiss!

How can you get your boyfriend to french kiss you?

wdf is a french kiss

Is smooch and french kiss the same?

no, smooch and french kiss are not the same. a smooch is when you give a little kiss. a french kiss is when it is toung to toung.

What does it mean when he french kisses you?

It probably means that he likes you. Otherwise, I doubt that someone that doesn't like you would French kiss you.

Does girl enjoy the french kiss of the boy who is not loved by a girl?

well if the girl doesn't love the boy then no. You don't have to be in love with someone to enjoy a French kiss but you do have to be somewhat attracted to that person.

Where did the french kiss originate from?

its called "french kiss" for a reason

How do you say kiss me in French?

Kiss me is "embrasse-moi" in French.

Do vegetarians French kiss?

yes vegetarians French kiss

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