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How do you gain combat levels in runescape Fast?


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July 12, 2009 1:52AM

what level are you? It you depends on if you are a high level or a lower level. lower levels should fight cows and just get their cowhides they drop or go to the building on the other side of the smelting or place and fight goblins. if you are a highere level i would fight hill giants in the building north west of the cooking guild in varrok if you want to make money and skilling. there are huge cokaroches in edgeville that drop preety good items but they are level 83 so i would bring food for levels 60 through 100 this guide if for non members only and there are lots of ways to gain skills on runescape. for example green dragons they are level 70 something and they drop dragon bones and green dragon hides which are both good money. also there are blue dragons which are level 111 and they also drop blue dragon hides and dragon bones. hope this helps you!