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The same way you gap spark plugs for any car that uses spark plugs.

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Q: How do you gap spark plugs for a 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E?
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What are the release dates for Talk2DIY Automotive - 1986 Spark Plugs?

Talk2DIY Automotive - 1986 Spark Plugs was released on: USA: 3 March 2004

What could be the problem with an 1986 Firebird that will not start?

There could be so many problems. Batery, starter, alternator, serpentine belt, no spark... the list is endless. spark plugs? spark plugs?

What is the specified gap setting for spark plugs on a 1986 Chevrolet Caprice?


What is the gap on spark plugs for 1986 ford f 150?

.044 inch

What is the gap for spark plugs from a 1986 ford 302 engine?

According to one of Fords websites : For a 1986 Ford Mustang , 5.0 L / 302 cubic inch V8 engine : The spark plugs are gapped at ( .050 inch )

Is 32 the right spark plug gap for all 8 spark plugs 1986 720 Nissan?

.32 to.35

What should the spark plugs be set on for a 1986 Ford Mustang 5.0?

.050 inch spark plug gap - 1986 Ford Mustang 5.0 L ( 302 )

What is the gap for a 1986 Toyota Cressida?

Toyota spark plugs from dealer pre gaped

What kind a spark plugs you need for a 1986 454 LTD kawasaki?

Ngk d9ea

Where is the oil filter on a Mercedes Benz 1986 190E?

oil filter on a Mercedes 190E 1986 is in the back of engine

Why does your 1986 Olds Cutlass Supreme have oil in the spark plugs?

oil on the spark plugs is generally due to broken ring or rings in the cylinder or cylinders can also lead to a blown engine

How many spark plugs for a 1986 Nissan 200sx?

that all depends on the size of the engine, if its a 4 cyl which im assuming it is then it will have four spark plugs, 6 will have 6 and so on and so forth

What is the gap on the spark plugs of a 1986 and a half Nissan Hardbody?

call the place where you bought your plugs they will know, they usually write the gap setting on the box.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1986 Yamaha phazer if you are using BR9ES NGK spark plugs?

between .28 - .31" for any kind of spark plug you decide to use in your Phazer.

1986 full size Chevy truck 350 with accel plugs and wires What is the spark gap?

gap 45

What is the best spark plug for a 1986 gti 1.8 8 valve?

i run Bosch or NGK plugs in my GTI

What is the gap on the spark plugs on a 1986 mercury marquis with a 3.8 V6 engine?

.054 inch ( according to )

Whats the spark plug gap for a 86 Chevy 350?

The 1986 Chevrolet 350 cubic inch engine spark plug gap is .027. Most spark plugs will be pre-gapped by the spark plug manufacturer.

Where is he temp sensor located on a 454 1986 Chevy winnebago itasca RV?

It will either be on the drivers side head between the first 2 spark plugs are it will be in the other head back between the last 2 spark plugs.

What are common fuel pump problems Mercedes 1986 190E?

Why does my fuel pump keep running on my 1984 190E

What are the correct spark plugs for a 1986 Honda shadow 700?

If you call your local Honda dealership they can tell you right away

What is the gap for spark plugs on a 1986 Buick somerset custom 4 cylinder?

Depends on the spark plug you use. The ACDelco part number R43TS6 uses a .060" gap.

Spark plug gap 1986 Lincoln town car?

According to one of Ford's websites : For the 5.0 liter / 302 cubic inch V8 engine in a 1986 Lincoln Town Car : ( the spark plugs are gapped at .050 inch )

What size engine is in 1986 Nissan pickup?

I believe it is a 2.4 NAPS-Z engine with two coils and eight spark plugs.

Which are the leading and trailing spark plugs in a 1986 Mazda rx-7 non-turbo rotary engine?

next to each spark plug there should be a 5mm tall...T or L (trailing or leading) the spak plugs are different on the electrodes