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electric and metal

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Q: How do you ge ta gold dragon on Dragon City?
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How do you get dragon stuff in runescape with the grand exchange?

simple, you just need to have the money to be able to purchase the dragon armor in your inventory, and once you have the GE interface up, click "buy". Now in the search box, type "dragon" and several dragon items will appear, click the one which you wish to purchase!

In runescape how do you get the corrupt dragon stuff without the ge is there a non member way besides the ge like somewhere to buy it from npc?

the only other way to get corrupt dragon items is to go to pvp and hope you get it in a drop the only way i got it was wearing full rune P.S. corrupt dragon items can only be worn for 30min then it dissapears so it's not worth it

How much does a dragon two-handed sword cost on Runescape?

The current GE mid price is 1.3M and dropping.

Where do you get worm string in runescape?

If you need that for dragon slayer its silk that you need to get. you can get it in alkarid or in the ge or in the clothing shop in varrok

What is dragon claws?

dragon claws in runescape is very rare to get in it you can get it from king black dragon or you can buy it at grand exchange for about 30mil it can be very long to get from king black dragon! LOL KBD doesn't drop D claws only drop Draconic Visage and KBD Head which is very rare Tormented Demon are the ones who drop d claw and dragon lumps(to create dragon platebody) which is rare and can be bought for 24.8m now (11/02/11) in ge or be bought from other player

What is Gold GE in jewelry?

GE means Gold Electro-Plated or Gold Plated.

On runescape can you wear dragon armour if im a free player?

no u cant.... but of late they came out with corrupt dragon armour that free players can obtain from pvp combat and its really expensive in the ge plus it degrades fast so i dont recomend it.........looks stange too.....

What is 18k ge gold?

If "18k ge" is a mark on jewelry, it means that the piece is 18 karat gold electroplated, not solid gold.

What does 14kt GE mean on the inside of a gold ring?

The ge stands for gold electroplating.........basically its garbage

What does 18kt ge mean?

18 kt GE means that the jewelry is made up of 18 karat gold plate. The GE stands for gold electroplate.

Runescape where to find right side of dragon Square Shield?

That side of the shield can only be bought at GE off another player or inside legends guild for 750k after completing the Legends Quest.

What does the gold stamp 750 GE Nasser mean?

Gold electroplate. Not gold.