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Login 5000000000000000 times or get 100000000000000000 place visits, which is impossible.

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Q: How do you get 100000000000000000 robux if you dont have admin or buildersclub?
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how did you lose 100000 robux?

buy everything you can

How do you get tons of free robux in ROBLOX?

If you need free robux - its impossible so dont even try-dont fall for any scams- things to good to be true normally arent.

How do you remove an admin from facebook fan page?

how to remove hidden admin i dont know.but how to remove a admin from your page it is easy if you are also admin of that page. if you are not admin than it can not be done. simply edit page go to manage admin and remove that admin which you want..


Using the platform I shared, I teach you how to turn 0 robux into 10,000 free robux! ht tp:// Copy and delete the spaces, you can get 1000000 robux for free. (Because the site does not like links.) Thank you Good luck!

if you want MORE robux but you have to have some to get more anyways comment your account and password and i will give you free robux!!! have fun!!!?

ok so anyone with robux can get more robux but if you got none then sorry your out of luck i only give robux to rich people like me!!! so umm if you want more robux comment your username and password!!

Do you have to pay to be in roblox?

no you dont have to pay to be in roblox but if you want builder club you have to pay

How do you be an Minecraft admin?

a minecraft admin is only an admin for the specific server they are on and to become an admin you must be respectful and play on the server allot to get in good favor with the server owner then he might grant you admin abilities of that server or you can create your own server which of you don't know what an admin is you prob cant figure it out no offense but yes you don't get admin on every server just on that server that you're granted admin on and dont ask for admin of you will be a long way from being admin!

How do you get robux on roblox without paying?

basically, you should go to pirated websites and check

How do you get as much robux as you want robux on roblox for free?

There is no way to get infinite robux for free, or else everyone would use it and robux would be worthless, if you want consistent robux, get premium, if you just want a set amount of robux for something then buy that amount of robux, unless you make a game or are a successful trader, getting large amounts of robux needs large amounts of money

How do you get free robux on a kindle fire tablet?

If you search this up again I’m going to oof you!!!!!!!!!😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😾😾😾😾😾

How do you upload music to your school documents?

you dont ( im a system admin rawr )

How do you become admin for modern warfare 2 on ps3?

i dont know yar

How do you get 10000 free robux on roblox by typing somthing?

Try asking multiple friends and usernames for Robux they can donate Robux to you.

What is Robux on Roblox?

money for buying stuff on roblox

how do you get unlimited robux for free?

i mean i founed some thing called sweet rbx so i thinki get free rbx

How do you get VIP on deathrun?

On 'Roblox Deathrun' you have to use robux in order to get vip. But i dont think there is vip in deathrun anymore.

How do you get free robux codes?

You don't. You can only obtain Robux by paying for it with real money out of pocket.

How do you get 100000 Robux on Roblox without having Builders Club or buying it or exchanging Tix for it?

I dont think there is a possible way. Sorry.

How do you get robux on roblox without builders club?

all u need is a lot of tix or tickets click on da robux icon in da top right corner scroll to da bottom find trade tix or robux (i dont relly no cuz i havent played in a long time) enter the amount of tix u want to trade then they will tell u how many robux u will get find da button that wll confrim it and there u go i hope i helped :D

How To Get Robux On Roblox?

Robux can be obtained through a number of ways. 1. Memberships With a BC (Builders Club) membership you will receive 15 Robux a day. With a TBC (Turbo Builders Club) membership you will receive 35 Robux/day. With a OBC (Outrageous Builders Club) membership you will receive 60 Robux/day. Also, when you sign up for any of the memberships, you automatically obtain 100 Robux as a signing reward. 2. Buying Robux There is the option of buying Robux, prices can be found on Roblox website. 3. User-bought items. If you have a membership, you can sell things like shirts, and people can buy them. 4. Trading Tickets NBC (Non-Builders Club) members get 10 tickets per day, you can trade these for Robux. Usually 10 tickets is around 1 Robux, but it changes, and right now it floats at around 8 or 9 per Robux.

How do you get free tix and robux on roblox?

Okay first thing is that you CAN'T get free robux or tixsecond is that even if you do you'll get banned :P third I've tried some ways and they failed fourth DONT BOTHER TRYING TO ASK >:P

How do you get free rubux in roblox?

there is no way to get free robux in roblox. or free tix. the people who say so on comments are lying. Ask any mod.

How do youget70000000 robux on roblox?

I dunno...if someone keeps on hacking and cheating he or she may be banned from Roblox..We dont want that to happen right?..So...Well all i do is the fair thing..You get 10 tix everyday. when you saved it up, you can change the tix into robux by the currency exchanger...Hope this helps! ^_^

How can i stop people downloading stuff i dont want and without having to be there.?

You would need to set it up so only the admin can download stuff, any other users that try to do so would be prompted for admin password when downloading.

Roblox answer code?

I dont think there is one. I played roblox so much times, and I dont see anything that asks me for a code. Maybe you are trying to get robux?

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