How do you get ADD?

You are born with it. Look it up in the DSM, look at specialists websites, most likely its genetic(my mom and grandma have it as do I) BUt you cant catch it and most do not grow out of it.

Primarily it involves a genetic disposition that leaves you susceptible to getting it.

I had a psychology professor who believed it was related to a lack of "goodness of fit" between parent and child. Not bad parenting, but not a very good fit.

Another experienced counselor I know believes it can be related to trauma at an earlier age.

Note: These are controversial and not generally accepted as true. Many children are raised very well and get it. It in no way means "bad parenting", and nevertheless these 2 people could be wrong!

Also: I've heard there is a correlation between ear problems in childhood(i.e. inner ear infections) and ADD.

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my mom thinks i have add,my sister thinks she has ADHD