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Trade and trade back

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Q: How do you get Alakazam in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get a alakazam in Pokemon emerald?

trade a kadabra

Where can you see alakazam in Pokemon emerald?


What area can you see Alakazam in Pokemon emerald?

you can't

What does kadabra evolve in to on Pokemon Emerald?

it evolves into alakazam. but you have to trade with a friend

Best Pokemon team for emerald?

Alakazam, Ampharos, Salamence, Machamp, Blaziken, and Glalie. But really there is no best team on Pokemon emerald :)

What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

Magikarp. personally i think alakazam is but groudon is pretty cool

What level does Kadabra elvove to Alakazam Pokemon emerald?

Kadabra will only evolve into Alakazam when you trade it (No held item required).

How do you make Alakazam learn Fire Punch on Pokemon FireRed?

The only way Alakazam can learn Fire Punch is through a Move Tutor on Pokemon Emerald Version.

Good team for Pokemon Emerald?

Alakazam, Groudon, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Swellow, salamance.

When do you get a alakazam in Pokemon emerald?

you have to trade your kadabra with another game, either ruby or sapphire.

What level does Abra evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

16 to get Abra then trade kadabra for a kadabara and it will be a alakazam

How do you evsolve kadabra in Pokemon emerald?

To EVOLVE Kadabra, you simply trade it with someone, then have them trade back your Alakazam.

What area can you find Alakazam in Pokemon emerald?

it cant you have to trade a kadabra to get an alakazam i think he means where do u find it so u can put it in the pokedex like in a match

Where do you find kadabra in Pokemon emerald?

the only way to catch it to evolve Abra on level 16 and you have to trade it to get alakazam

At what level will kadabra evolve in Pokemon emerald?

you need to catch an Abra then evolve it at level 16 and then trade it and it will evolve into alakazam

What trainer battles do you see alakazam in on Pokemon emerald?

it's more often in sinnoh but rarer in wherever emerald was based in.i'd say you need to trade to get one from sinnoh.

What is the best Pokemon team without legendarys?

This is just my suggestion for the game Emerald: Swampert, Ninetails, Crobat, Alakazam, Raichu, Flygon

What level does Abra evolve on pokemon emerald?

Abra always evolves at Lvl 16. Kadabra has to be traded in order to evolve into Alakazam

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get a alakazam?

kadabra evolves into alakazam when he is traded.

What trainer has an alakazam in Emerald?

In the game Pokémon: Emerald, the Alakazam can only be found by evolving a Kadabra. In the Pokémon cartoon, an Alakazam has been owned by Luana, Alex Davis, Vito Winstrate, Annabell, and Kenny.

How do you get an alakazam without trading?

there is no way to get alakazam with out trading, but if you have two game that are compatible such as firered and emerald hook up with yourself with the cord and trade it to emerald/firered and trade it back

How do you get Alakazam in emerald?

first you catch a Abra or trade one and evovle it to a kadabra and when u trade a kadabra it makes a alakazam

How Do You Get Alakazam In Pokemon FireRed 386?

To get an Alakazam in Pokemon FireRed you need to trade a Kadabra with another player. Though you will need to trade again to have the newly evolved Alakazam back.

Which Third Pokemon would be best For My Pokemon Emerald Frontier Team Im Currently Using Ursaring and alakazam?

flygon; evolve vibrava @ lv 45; evolove trapinch @ lv 35

How do you get alakazam in Pokemon Sapphire?

Trade a kadabra to a friend then take it back to receive alakazam.

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