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How do you get Arceus on Pokemon Silver?


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If you mean soul silver, it is yet unknown you have to trade the event arceus to it to get giratina, dialga or palkia.

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Arceus cannot be caught in Silver because it is a 4th generation Pokemon and Silver is 2nd generation game.

... You can't get an Arceus egg in Pokemon SoulSilver... You can only get Arceus through an event.

i am sorry but you cannot obtain arceus in Pokemon heartgold or soulsilver.

Arceus is not in any Pokemon game legally. You can only obtain it by certain events.

You can't get arceus in Pokemon soulsilver unless you trade from another Pokemon game.

You must have a LEGAL arceus from the arceus event on Pokemon pearl, diamond, or platinum.

You Can Get Arceus On Pokemon Soul Silver By Using A Cheat Cartridge, Trading It From Another Pokemon Game (Pokemon Diamond, Pearl Or Platinum) Or Via A Nintendo Event. Hope I Could Help =)

You can replay the arceus event with action replay.

You get it from action replay and get it from a man in a green uniform and he gives u your Pokemon ARCEUS!!!!!!!!

you need a arceus then go to the ruins of alpha. if you do not have a arceus then your out of luck.

pokemon heart gold and soul silver. and heart gold and soul silver legends

You can't really find arceus since you can only get him by event (which has passed).

You can only get Arceus in Soul Silver by trading from D/P/PL. OR- Action Replay

you cannot catch arceus in heart gold or soul silver. you have to import it from another game

Go to where you find arceus 50 times every time you play Pokemon soul silver

if its the arceus from Sinnoh then you will trigger the arceus event which is awesome

go to poke.check and sing up

You can't. It's only in the Sinnoh region.

you can't catch it, you have to get it from an event which has passed

You can't get the azure flute in Pokemon soulsilver.

You must trade it over from another game.

You have to trade from Pokemon Soul Silver, Heart Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or Pearl.

You would have to trade it from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. There is no in game Arceus in Heart Gold or Soul Silver.

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