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do the code

94000130 FCFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

0000AA3C EDB88320

2000AA68 0000000A

D2000000 00000000

press l and r and go in poke mart

get 'azure Flute'

play it at Mt cornet's summit

go up the steps


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โˆ™ 2008-02-07 00:39:14
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Q: How do you get Arceus using action replay?
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How do you get arceus in soul silver with no action replay?

Using master ball

What are some cheats for Pokemon Heartgold without using action replay?

get arceus then the game is easy lol there is none with action replay

No action reaplay for Arceus in Pokemon platinum?

you can not get arceus with no action replay

How do you replay the Arceus event in Pokemon soul silver?

You can replay the arceus event with action replay.

Hpw do you catch Arceus without an action replay for Pokemon pearl?

the is now way without using action replay or gameshark to get arceus because the Nintendo event for arceus hasn't even been released in japan!

Where can you buy Arceus?

You can get him by using action replay (hes in where you fight palkia and dialgia)

How do you get Arceus with out Toys R Us action replay or cheats?

You can trade. But with out action replay or events you can't get arceus.

How do you catch Arceus in Pokemon SoulSilver?

it has to be traded over or linked or by using a action replay

How do you catch Arceus for action replay?

Action Replay yourself a Master Ball.

How do you catch Arceus without the action replay?

you cant do that you have to use action replay

Pokemon platinum how to get Arceus?

You have to have the Arceus event or have action replay code to get Arceus

How do you get Arceus without action replay and the Arceus event?


How do you get Arceus with acTion replay on HeartGold?

you need an code for action replay to get arceus but its super long search it on google it may tell you

Is it legal to capture arseus using action replay?

there is no "illegal" way to capture arceus and its perfectly legit that's why the made the action replay in the first place

On Pokemon pearl hoe do you get arceus?

through an annoying event or cheat using the action replay

How do you get Arceus in ss?

Trade from D/P/Pl or hack using Codebreaker/ Action Replay

Is there a dark Arceus action replay code?

No,but their is a way to get shiny arceus

Do you need an action replay or an action replay max to catch Arceus?

You just need an action replay, but you can use either one.

Can you catch arceus without using action replay?

there was an event at toys-r-us but its over so no you cant catch him anymore without cheats or action replay

Can you get a shiny Arceus without the azure flute nor action replay?

no you cant - you can azure flute witch wi fi and then get arceus but not siney arceus without any action replay

Can arceus be obtained without action replay?


Can you get a shiny Arceus?

u can with an Action Replay

How do you get Arceus via cheating?

Action Replay.

How do you get Arceus after the event?

Use action replay

How do you get Arceus in pokmon?

use action replay