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How do you get Buneary on Pokemon Diamond?

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You get Buneary at level 10/11/12 at Eterna Forest.

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Who has buneary?

If you mean buneary on diamond and pearl, I have 15 of them. buneary is a Pokemon only on Pokemon diamond and pearl

What level does buneary evolve at in Pokemon Diamond?

buneary evolves with happiness so you have to walk about 36000 steps for buneary to evolve in Pokemon diamond.

What number is buneary from Pokemon?

Buneary is number067 in Pokemon Diamond. Hope this helps.

Where to see buneary in diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum you can find Buneary in the Enterna forest.

Where do you find a buneary in Pokemon diamond?

Buneary can be found in Eterna Forest.

What pokemon evolve by friendship in diamond?


What level does buneary evoled in pokemon diamond?

Buneary evolves when its happiness value is at 220.

How do you get buneary in Pokemon HeartGold?

Get it from Platinum, Diamond, or Pearl.

What level does buneary evolve at in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Buneary evolves when its happiness value is at 220.

How do you evolve buneary into lopunny in pokemon diamond?

In order for Buneary to evolve into Lopunny is that Buneary's happiness has to be 220.

Pokemon diamond when does buneary evolve?

It evolves when friendship is max out.

Who is Pokemon 067 in Pokemon Diamond?

in the national pokedex it is mackoke. if it is in the sinnoh pokedex it is buneary.

Where is the Trainer with Buneary in Pokemon Diamond?

go to the forest and catch one

Where to see buneary in Pokemon diamond?

Route 205, or Eterna Forest.

How do you catch buneary in Pokemon diamond?

you will typically find them in valley windworks

Is there anyway to get an Easter Buneary in Pokรฉmon Diamond?

No, Easter Buneary is a "novelty" Pokemon on GPX plus. Novelty means it's just a Pokemon on the site and it's special to the site. A shiny buneary is the closest thing to an Easter buneary. I hope that helps :3

What trainer has a buneary in Pokemon Diamond?

There is a trainer with Buneary in the Warward Cave on Pokémon Diamond. The trainer's name is Lass Cassidy and can be found on the 1st floor of the cave.

Where can you find buneary in Pokemon black version?

You have to transfer it from diamond, pearl, or platinum.

What type of Pokemon is buneary?

Buneary is a Normal type pokemon.

What level does buneary evolve at on Pokemon diamond?

In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum you need to have Buneary's Friendship full. You can check to see how much Buneary likes you by using the app on the Poketch. It is the one where all of the Pokemon in your party are floating everywhere and you touch and hold your Buneary on the screen and when two hearts appear and grow bigger Buneary is at Friendship. This means the next time it levels up it will evolve.

When does buneary evolve in Pokemon diamond?

I think it's level 17 but I am not sure! Good luck!

What episode in pokemon dawn catches buneary?

Diamond and Pearl episode 9. AKA: Setting the World on it's Buneary It is also the 475th episode ever to be released.

Can some one give you help with catching buneary on diamond?

To get a buneary, go to Eterna Forest. Sometimes the bunearys will be in a double battle, so kill the other Pokemon first, and then weaken the buneary. Then you just catch it with a pokeball.

How do you make burnry evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Buneary evolves by having happiness on max than you get a Loppuny!

Can buneary learn ice beam on Pokemon diamond?

no,but it can be tought by TM,where to find this TM is in route 216.