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The only way is through a Nintendo sponsored event, by trading from another game, or by going to the Pokemon Center in NYC.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-30 20:42:50
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Q: How do you get Celebi on Game Boy Advance or Gamecube without using an Action Replay or GameShark?
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Does GameShark for GameCube exist?

There is no GameShark for the GameCube. There is, however, an Action Replay for the GameCube, which is similar to the GameShark.

How do you hack sa2b?

You can use a gamecube action replay or a gameshark :)

What stores can you buy an GameShark or an action replay for the gamecube?

You cannot buy an Action Replay Gamecube or GameShark for Gamecube anymore as they no longer support the Gamecube or its games and accessories, However, You can still buy these from Amazon, Ebay or possibly a pawn shop (Pawn shops sometimes have Gamecubes and Gamecube Accessories)

Where can you find an Action Replay or a GameShark for a GameBoy Advance Sp?

you can get a action replay at target or wallmart but i don't now where to get a gameshark.

How do you get 999 rare candies in GameCube Pokemon XD?

You can't in normal gameplay without cheating sorry :/ You can buy Action Replay or Gameshark though.... :)

Can you use action replay codes on your gamecube without action replay?

No, you need action replay for gamecube.

Where to get a aurora ticket without a mystery gift action replay and gameshark?

it's impossible without mystery gift action replay or gameshark

How do you get Lugia without going to an event or Gameshark?

Sorry but you must have an Action Replay or a Gameshark UNLESS you have Pokemon Colliseum or GX. Gte a cool Trading Wire at Gamestop it can hook up wit gamecube i bought it 4 $7.99

Can you hack chaos that are on sonic dx on GameCube?

Yes you can. But you need an Action Replay for GBA or Gameshark GBA.

How do you get mew in Pokemon firered without a gameshark action replay or going to a Nintendo event on a Game Boy advance sp?

It is impossible. Maybe you can trade.

Master ball cheats without action replay or gameshark In Ruby?

It is not possible to do the masterball cheat without a Gameshark or Action Replay on Ruby although it is on Emerald.

Can action replay and gameshark be used on Game Boy advance?

There's one for the GBA, yes.

How do you get latias without beating the game?

gameshark or action replay

How do you get an omochao without Action Replay or Gameshark?

you cant the only way is action replay.

Where can you get a action replay for Pokemon Game Boy Advance games?

try going to gamestop and ask fora gameboy advance sp gameshark

Can you unlock Master Hand without Action Replay for GameCube?


How do you put cheat codes on your Game Boy advance?

u have to buy gameshark or action replay (max)

How do you get past the locked door in Mossdeep without Gameshark or action replay on sapphire?

the only way is to use a gameshark or action replay i have tried it and it is amazing you get mewtwo

Can you still enter action replay codes without having a action replay?

No. You need an action replay or gameshark.

How do you get the azure flute without an event?

fom gameshark or action replay

How do you get the old map without an Nintendo event?

action replay/gameshark

How do you catch mew in Pokemon firered without cheats?

its impossible without gameshark or action replay.

How do you get to the secret island on animal crossing GameCube Without a GBA?

There is no other way without a GBA.Unless there is a action replay code to get to it without a GBA.I don't know if theres a action replay code to get to it because i don't have a action replay for gamecube.If you have a action replay for gamecube, look for a code for it,but if you don't have a action replay,there is no other way.

How do you catch mew without Nintendo event or action replay or gameshark?


I need to know what is a cheat to get lots of Masterballs in Fire Red-Leaf Green without a Gameshark-Action Replay?

Without a gameshark or AR its impossible.