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How do you evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team?

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To evolve your starters in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2, explorers of Darkness/Time, you must complete a series of different steps that are actually a continuation of the so-called ending that you have seen once you've beaten the game. I'm not entirely sure about the sequence of these steps but here are the different factors that you must complete in order to evolve your starter Pokemon: * You must have defeated Darkrai at Dark Crater * You must have recruited Palkia at Spacial Rift (2nd Visit) * You must have Marine Resort unlocked Note: Marine Resort can be unlocked after you have defeated Darkrai. Wait a few days until your precious long-gone Manaphy comes back, then wait another few days till he introduces the new dungeon to you. After that, you're good to go. - Defeat Dialga at the Temporal Tower. - Go to Mystifying Forest, defeat the grand master/minions and graduate. - Pass a few days (you must do at least one mission each time.) - Look for a Mr. Mime in town. Talk to him. - Go to Blizzard Island (20F). - Go to Crevice Cave and defeat Froslass to free Scizor. - You will obtain the Secret Rank for the Wonder Mail legendaries. * !! YOU CAN NOW USE LEGENDARY WONDER MAILS !! * - Sleep a few more days. - Talk to Sunflora at the guild to learn about Surrounded Sea. - Go to Surrounded Sea (20F) and get the egg at the very bottom. - Next morning, the egg will hatch into Manaphy. - Find two blue gummis for Manaphy ASAP - try Wonder Mail missions. - That night, Manaphy will go missing. - You will find Manaphy has a fever. - Go to Miracle Sea (B18+4F) and get the Phione Dew after beating Gyarados. - Manaphy will leave. - Sleep a few more days. - Go to the guild to find Team Charm on the very bottom floor. - Go to Aegis Cave (B3+B3+B4+B5F and several rooms.) - You must collect the matching Unown stones in Aegis Cave. - On the last floor, defeat Regigigas and the minions. - Sleep a few more days. - You will see a small cinematic of Darkrai and Cresselia. - Sleep. You will dream of Cresselia. - Keep going until you are told Azurill will not wake up. - Travel to Mt. Travail (19F) and get Drowzee. - Complete Azurill's nightmare (B17F). - Wait until you get the idea to talk to Lapras. - That night, Palkia will show up and drag you off to Spacial Rift. - Complete Spacial Rift (B15+B9F) and defeat Palkia. - Watch the cutscene of Palkia's nightmare. - Go to the Dark Crater (B15+B14F) - Defeat Darkrai and the six others. - Sleep a few more days. - Chatot will come and tell you Manaphy has returned. - You will be able to recruit Manaphy. - Sleep a few more days. - Manaphy will tell you about the Marine Resort. * !! YOU CAN NOW GET LEGENDS THAT REQUIRE THE MARINE RESORT. !! - Anytime after you beat Dark Crater, go to Spacial Rift and defeat Palkia for a second time. * !! YOU CAN NOW EVOLVE YOUR STARTERS. !! *

Where to find the regis?

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regirock:15th floor. Hold item:rock part

regice:25t floor. Hold item:ice part

registeel:35 floor. Hold item:steel part

Rock,ice&steel part together=MUSIC BOX

music box attracts mew.mew can be found in any of the 36-98 floors.after you battle mew,he can join you.

mew is level 40

his moves are:

mega punch




mew can transform into any pokemon so keep a sharp eye out for a pokemon using one of these moves.if a pokemon uses metrenome,it is mew.

I found my mew in 64th floor and he transformed into a puptar.

How do you find surf?

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Which Pokemon Mystery Dungeon are you playing?

Red rescue Team in Game Boy Advance

Blue Rescue Team on DS

Explorers of Time

Explorers of Darkness

Explorers of Sky

I hope you like this answer better, because anybody might need this information to really help.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon how do you get murky cave?

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To trigger the event "The Curse of Ninetails", you must first rescue Medicham from Wish Cave. Then you go to the bulliten board to talk to Medicham and Ekans, who will ask you about Gengar. After that keep yourself busy for a day. The next day, look for Medicham and Ekans in the Pokemon Square and they will tell you that Gengar went to Mt. Freeze, but don't go to Mt. Freeze yet. Wait yet another day, and Gengar will visit you at your team base. He will ask you to take him to Mt. Freeze, and, of course, you accept (you don't have to do it right away, however.). When you finally go, you will have a tough task ahead: Protecting a lvl. 15 Gengar from the terrors of the already explored Mt. Freeze. Hoo Rah. Bring a lot of Reviver Seeds, as you will definitely need them. Lead him up 15 floors to meet Ninetails. After a while, Ninetails will give Gengar a 9-Tail Crest, gaining you access to Murky Cave. It's not over. There is still an objective in Murky Cave, but I'll let you figure it out. No sense in spoiling the fun, huh?

Is there endless missions on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue and red?

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yeah you have to go to the bark tree in one of the major citys and there is a man that will tell you he enjoys fresh air. tak to him 50 times and the game will glitch and the next mission you chose to do will be endless nigahh

How do you recruit Regis on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

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If you want to recruit the regis, you need the part that you got from the particular Pokemon (like the steel part for registeel) or the music box. After you get one of those, redo the dungeon and keep on beating them until they join your team.

Can you get Aipom in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red rescue team?

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Yes aimpom is found on the island where you get entie.First you must have gotton kyogre on your team and groudon then take that and a squirtle along and they will apear.(edit)

Editor: I don't know about that above but here is a wonder mail how you can unlock aipom in Red rescue team. After doing the mission you can find Aipom in Uproar forest from floors 1-6. I used different wonder mail code and can't find that specific one but this should work also.

??9S W?0? ?67? PM?Y F??R K???

The original intent was that someone who plays Blue could share a Wonder Mail code for a mission somehow involving an Aipom with the player of Red. After that, Aipom will appear. Other Blue-exclusives are Lapras, Minun, Porygon2(sort of), Magikarp, and...that's it. Ignore the poorly-written statement at the very top, since it's a malicious lie.

How do you recruit legendaries easily in red rescue team?

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get hm surf from solar cave 20f and a spinda will appear while you go through the Pokemon will fall down and you will take it to your home to take care of it(for only one day).before it leaves it will give you a clear wing take the clear wing to xatu and you will gain acces to the fiery field.there will be entei(not recruitable on first try) after you beat it you gain acces to the lighting field where raikou is(not recruitable on first try).after you beat raikou you will gain acces to the northwind field where suicune is(not recruitable on first try(these three dungs:fiery,lighting and northnwind field have 30 floors each).after you beat the three of them you will gain acces to Mt.faraway where ho-oh is (not recruitable on first try)(40floors).beat ho-oh and i think you must recruit it to be able to recruit entei suicune and raikou.(you must also have bought sacred field from wiglituf near the bank)(i think it is able for you to buy after you beat the three dogs)(entei,raikou,suicune)

What is in the red door at the jungle relic in Pokemon ranger?

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Once player enter the door of the jungle relic they have to complete the four challenges of the temple. The challenges involve capturing specific Pokemon to light the flames on the alter of the temple.

How do you recruit Zapdos on Pokemon Red rescue team?

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Well, first beat Rayquaza (all that good stuff) then return to Mt. Thunder. There, you MUST have your beginning character and a YELLOW GUMMI. Then, when Zapdos appears in front of you and says "I challenge thee" or whatever it was, run back many steps, away from zapdos. Then, throw your yellow gummi at him (pray he catches it) and start attacking him. That has a 80% chance of working everytime and if for SOME reason it doesn't the first, turn off your DS and go back to the Mid point (where you really should have saved it). Voila, you have Zapdos. This works on all the other birds too just you need to have their appropriate gummis. Another thing, it's a good idea to evolve before going to face him (because that means you'll be stronger and more likely he'll join.)

How do you get Shadow Pikachu in card?

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How to get shadow pikachu

First you have to go to China. Then you go to a store called: Gwuatched Tohm. Ask this: "kien tin pikegu ced" They give you one and it wil come with a pack of: Infernape, Empoleon, Torterra and Shaymin. The pikachu has 999 HP.

I am not so sure about the above, but that is DEFINATELY not Chinese, even if it was written in Chinese "pin-yin" (pronounciation). I am not so sure, but try this, ni you pi-ka-chu ka ma? (litterally- do you have a pikachu card?) the ni is pronounced with an accending voice, the you is accented ont he "o" and should sound like your voice going down, then up. the pikachu.. is well... pikachu. ka, is likethe same thing as "ga" in sound, but a heavy g. ma is a short sound. ma states wether or not you have a yes or no question

How do you get Eevee in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

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You can get it as a starter Pokemon or have it join your team at Joyous Tower 12F - 17F.

The Personality QuizIn the beginning of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, you will need to take a personality test in order to determine which one of the 16 Pokemon you will be for the entire game. Each Pokemon has a nature which is gender specific (for example, a male Bulbasaur's nature is Docile while a female's is Calm). Some Pokemon personalities are available only for either female or male players.

Eevee is a female-only Pokemon. You cannot become a male Eevee. The following questions (and their corresponding answers) will give you the best chance for becoming an Eevee, scoring many points under the Naive nature, of which Eevee takes for females.

A friend brought over something you'd forgotten. How do you thank your friend?

- Say thanks with a joke

Do you like groan-inducing puns?

- Love them!

Do you tend to laugh a lot?

- Yes

Somebody calls you "weird but funny." How does that make you feel?

- Happy!

There is a scream from behind a door! How will you react?

- Scream in unison

There is a wallet on the road. What do you do?

- Yay! Yay!

You broke a rotten egg in your room! What do you do?

- Take a sniff first

Are you a cheerful personality?

- Yes

You are offered a choice of two gifts. Which one will you take?

- Big box

Do people consider you childish?

- Yes (I think,)

There will be times when you encounter other questions than those listed here. Of course, there are other questions that will not have any contribution to the nature of Naive. Simply answer those questions in any way you want. If your Pokemon personality turns out to be another Pokemon, take the quiz again. It may take you a while to get Eevee, as there are not many questions which score you points under the Naïve nature category. Remember to choose 'Female' at the end of the quiz.

Why didn't Charmander evolve at Level 16?

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In the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue rescue team games, Pokemon evolve after beating Rayquaza. A cave will open up at Whiscash Pond. Go into the cave alone and choose to evolve.

What is Wish cave wonder mail?

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It is a special thing especially made for Pokemon explorers of sky where you actually play as the guild member bidoof!

What is the AR code for floor skip in a dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Recue Team?

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The codes are: Go Up One Floor(L+UP) 74000100 ff00000c

94000130 fdbf0000

da000000 021153e4

d4000000 00000100

Go down one floor(L+DOWN)

74000100 ff00000c

94000130 fd7f0000

da000000 021153e4

d4000000 ffffffff

d7000000 021153e4

d2000000 00000000

Go to end of dungeon(L+R)

94000130 fcff0000

221153e5 000000ff

d0000000 00000000 this one didn't work for me.

To defeat all enemies in dungeon (Up+down+up+down+up+down+right+left. Repeat 230 times or shout into microphone)

940063856747 gdg0099

385485395924 ggj492-926

How many floors in concealed ruins?

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there are 30 floors and on the 20th floor if you have either mystery part or secret slab you can vs raikou.

How do you get shaymin without cheating Pokemon?

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you have to go to a Pokemon event most are done i n toysrus that how i got my shaymin now i have three one fake lol

What is the Mystery Dungeon Munchlax code?

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You dont need a code. Just slather honey on some tree's. Come back in 9 hours, and poof! Munchlax is yours.

Where can you get the golden mask on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers darkness?

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Answer:You can get a golden mask on the 75th floor of Zero isle North. But here is a WonderMail S Code for it:

Q7SS9 =%PJN8W -R=71

FS7#+ PQ=8K%= 8M6W@

Is there any big Pokemon game for PC?

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yes there are...if you download visual boy advance....then all you have to do is to search in google the pokemon game you want in ROM 'pokemon emerald rom'download and open with visual boy advance..there are tautorials in youtube.ENJOY

How do you get Western Cave in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

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After beating Rayquaza, talking to Medicham, visiting Lombre and Whiscash, and getting HM Dive, you go through Solar Cave. Eventually, after Spinda shows up, you'll eventually go through Fiery Field, Lightning Field, Northwind Field, and Mt. Faraway to beat Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and Ho-oh. After you recruit Ho-oh when you meet it again, Western Cave will be unlocked.

How do you get through the dotted hole in fire red?

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When you see the strange entrance, use cut to open it. You MUST fall through the holes in this way:

North hole.

West hole.

East hole.

South hole.