How do you get Club Penguin phones on Club Penguin?

In the past you used to be able to get a Blue Spy Phone (Given by the PSA, Penguin Secret Agency, after passing a quiz). After the PSA HQ was destroyed by a popcorn bomb thanks to Herbert P. Bear Esquire we had a popcorn party to cover it up. Now we have something called the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) here you can do Field Ops (Mini-Missions given once a week) and buy Elite Gear. You may also view the PSA HQ before it was destroyed, when it was first created and after it had been destroyed. Back to your question, How do you get phones on Club Penguin, you must be recruited by an EPF Agent. Once you have been recruited you will be sent a postcard with a message you have to decode, once you have done this you will be taken to the Everyday Phoning Facility (or E.veryday P.honing F.acility) where you have to pass a test. Here is a walkthrough for the test. 1) Throw a snowball at the target. 2) walk to the green square. 3) wait for the countdown to finish and then walk to the red square. 4) move off the red square. 5) throw a snowball at Camera 2's lens then walk behind the bottom left pillar. 6) throw a snowball at the glowing blue box located on the bottom right pillar. DO NOT WALK ON TO THE BLUE SQUARE. 7) walk into the elevator and you will receive a Spy Phone and access to the EPF HQ and VR Room (Virtual Reality).