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Pinsir is rare and very hard to get, BUT it is in the safari-zone.

Modified by Wyra: So far, there is no legit way to get Darkrai.

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Q: How do you get Darkrai in Australia without cheating?
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How do you get Darkrai without cheating or going to an event?

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How to get Darkrai in Pokemon dimond?

it's an event and without cheating, hacking or trading it is impossible to get Darkrai.

How do you get Darkrai in platinum without cheating?

You cant you have to buy action replay

How do you get darkrai to follow you as a shadow underground in Pokemon diamond?

this is impossible without cheating, even with cheating it may not be possible.

How do you get Darkrai without cheating?

you can't and you just wasted 26.123 seconds of your life (i timed it!).

How do you get a darkri on Pokemon Platinum?

You can't get Darkrai in any Pokemon game without cheating or hacking.

What is the best Pokemon you can get in platinum without cheating?

it is darkrai or garatina but i do have arceus but you have to cheat to do it hope it helped on i have no idea

Do any of you ever catch any legendary Pokemon without a cheating device?

i know how to get nearly every Pokemon without a cheating device. do you know how to get Deoxis on emerald Or is there a way to get Darkrai on diamond without cheats?

What if you don't have action replay to get Darkrai?

i don't know another way to get Darkrai without cheating but you can go on eBay to get one i think it's only 30 dollars

Where can you get Darkrai in Pokemon diamond?

you need a event which happened a year ago so now its impossible without cheating

How do you get Darkrai through cheating?

It is very complicated, but possible without a Action Replay or other cheating device. If you have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you can try this. Copy and paste that link into your browser. I have done it twice to get Darkrai.

Can you get darkrai in pokemon dimond without cheating or using the action replay?

Yes, but it requires going to a Nintendo even to get an item.

How do you get darkraii in Pokemon platinum?

You can't get Darkrai in any Pokemon game without cheating or hacking until they make an event for it.

Is Darkrai in Pokemon Emerald version?

No, Darkrai is not available in Emerald, not even through cheating devices

How do you get Darkrai without an event?

You cannot get Darkrai without an event.

How do you get darkrai without cheating hacking trading or a Nintendo event?

You can only get it by Action replay,Mystery gift or Wi-fi conettion

Does it have to be night to get darkrai?

you can only get darkrai by cheating or a Nintendo special event... it doesnt matter on the time of day

How to get Darkrai without action replay?

If you want a legit Darkai without cheating you will have to go to the Pokemon Event which just ended a long time ago. Darkrai Event: May 31st, 2008 - June 1st, 2008 Note: TRU Event ended.

How you can find Darkrai?

there was a evant but now is too late or you cheating.

How do you get Darkai in diamond version?

You can't really get Darkrai without a Gameshark code, or R4. The only way to obtain him without cheating, I think is only through a Japanese event..

How do you get darkrai in soulsilver without cheating?

Darkrai can't be found in SoulSilver. If you want a Darkrai in SoulSilver, you'll have to trade it to your game from another game. You can find Darkrai in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum on Newmoon Island in Sinnoh, but you need a Member Card. You can only obtain the Member Card through an event with Mystery Gift activated.

How do you catch arceus darkrai and shaymin without cheating or going to an event?

Trade with a friend / trade using GTS. That's the only other way.

Can you get the Pokemon Darkrai in Australia?

No, sorry

How do you catch Darkrai in Pokemon FireRed version?

You cannot catch darkrai in any generation three game even WITH the use of a cheating device. This is because they were not created yet. Darkrai is only obtainable in Generation 4 games through a Nintendo event or a cheating device.

How do you get darkrai in Pokemon platinum without cheats and going to a Nintendo event?

Well, technically this isn't cheating, but enter the void in Jubilife and watch youtube videos from there.