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i don't think this is possible

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What does the wireless adaptor for Pokemon emerald do?

The Wireless Adaptor is only compatible with Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald. It allows you to enter the Union Room and connect to another game that also has a Wireless Adaptor without a Link Cable.

How do you get mystery event and mystery gift in LeafGreen without using wireless adaptor?

use wired adaptor..

Without wireless adaptor how to use mystery gift?

You can use a wired adaptor if you're using a game boy advance.

What do wireless broadband routers look like?

Yes, it was most likely a small wireless network adaptor. The wireless adaptor could either be connecting to a local Wi-Fi router or it could have been a wireless adaptor offered through a cellular provider such as Verizon.

What to do if wireless adaptor light doesn't turn on?

You might have a broken wireless adaptor, or it could be the connection between your game system and your computer/TV

Will wireless n game adaptor connect to a wireless g router?


How do you add a wired computer to a wireless network and be able to acces files over the network?

Connect a wireless network adaptor to the computer and configure the adaptor to connect to the wireless network that has the files you want to access.

Is there a wireless adaptor for your networked blu ray player?

The wireless should be built into the player

Is there a built in wireless adapter in the ds lite?

Yes, it already has a wireless adaptor inside it.

What happen if you accidentally brake your wireless networking adaptor installer disc will the wireless network adaptor still work?

Yes, it will you get driver for your adapter from the adapter's manufacture website.

Can you have Deoxys in Pokemon FireRed without wireless adaptor?

Click on the link (under Related links): GameFAQs: Pokemon FireRed Version (GBA) Changes FAQ by strawhat---- When you get to the page, press CTRL+F (to find), then type: wireless adaptor. You should find the information you need.

Do you need a wireless router to connect a wireless adaptor?

yes or you could link to another persons

Can a gba wireless adapter work on a ds?

A DS cannot connect to a GBA Wireless adaptor.

Can gameboy advance sp use wireless adaptor?


How do you get Darkrai without an event?

You cannot get Darkrai without an event.

How do you trade Pokemon with a wireless adapter?

you just have to plug the wireles adaptor and then have it close to another wirelles adaptor to trade with that person

What is the wireless adapter in Pokemon LeafGreen?

wireless is an adaptor which you can trade Pokemon from faraway go to one island

i have wireless internet on my laptop.i have a desktop in the same can i get signal to my desk top?

You need to purchase a wireless router and then you need to get either a wireless USB adaptor and you plug it in to any USB port, or a wireless PCI adaptor, which you put in inside the side panel in one of the white slots.

Will an Xbox Live Wireless Networking Adaptor work if you don't have wireless Internet?

No unless a neighbor has internet which then it has to be unlocked or you have to get the wireless network's password.

How do you get the wonder gift in Pokemon Ruby?

Connect With Somebody With The Wireless Adaptor

What is the xbox360 jetpack code of gta 5?

No only if you have a wireless adaptor!

Can a wireless Xbox adaptor pick up this wireless modem signal?

Probably but you should check the owners manual.

Does the wireless network adaptor come with all laptops?

All new laptops come with a wireless network adapter.

Do you need a wireless adaptor for xbox 360 elite?

Yes. Only the Xbox 360 S has built-in wireless.

How do you connect your xbox to wireless using your laptop?

You need a ethernet cable. First go to Network Connections in the control panel. then highlight the wireless adaptor and ethernet adaptor right click and click "bridge connections" then you should be able to access live on the xbox with the ethernet cable in the xbox and your laptop have a look on youtube there is a few vids up there.If you want wireless, you need a wireless adaptor. They're available on eBay.