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you get Digimon the same way you do in digimon world ds you keep finding a digimon until you get 100 percent scan data and than go to your digilab system and choose digiconvert and select the digimon you want to have.(but it has to have 100% scan data)

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How do you get quests from Digimon world dusk in Digimon world dawn?

You can't get quests from digimon world dusk to digimon world dawn or quests from digimon world dawn to digimon world dusk, you can only do digimon world dusk quests in digimon world dusk and only do digimon world dawn quests in digimon world dawn.

How do you get raidramon in Digimon World Dawn?

You can't in Digimon Dawn

What does BST mean in Digimon dawn?

BST in Digimon World: Dawn means that the Digimon is a Beast type.

How do you get Agunimon in Digimon World Dawn?

theres no agunimon in digimon dawn for ds

Can you trade Digimon world and Digimon dawn?

well my friend had digimon world ds he was borrowing it and i had my very own digimon world dawn my friend says lets trade! so we tryed but it didnt work =( if you had digimon world dawn and the digimon world dusk then you can trade but digimon world ds can only trade with digimon world ds and digimon world championship can only trade with digimon world championship hope that helps!!!!!!!

How do you get blossommon on Digimon world dawn?

you digivolve a digimon

What is the best Digimon game?

digimon world ds,digimon dusk, or digimon dawn

How do you get aptitude up in Digimon world dawn?

In order to get a Digimon's aptitude up in "Digimon World Dawn," you would have to degenerate your Digimon to a Digi-Egg.

Are there any Digimon ds games?

yes there's digimon world dusk, digimon world dawn, digimon world ds, digimon world championship and digimon story. There are a few for you!!!!

How can you get a CGallantmonC in Digimon world dawn?

you can't sorry but ChaosGallantmon Chrono is un obtainable in digimon world dawn/dusk

How do you get omnimon X in Digimon world dawn?

You don't. X-evolution digimon are not obtainable on digimon world dawn or dusk. I should know since Ive completed the entire digimon galery.

Can you get KaiserGreymon in Digimon World Dawn?


Can you get Dynasmon in Digimon World Dawn?


Can you get omnimon x in Digimon World Dusk?

you can't get any digimon x in digimon world dawn or dusk

Digimon world dawn how to catch digimon?

In order to acquire Digimon in "Digimon World Dawn" is by getting enough scans of that particular Digimon. Each time you encounter a Digimon, excluding a boss you get a percentage of a scan. This can range from 1% to 15% depending on the Stage the Digimon is in.

Can you play in wireless communication with Digimon World Dawn and Digimon World Dusk?


Where do you find gazimon in Digimon world dusk?

Gazimon are not in Digimon World: Dusk or Dawn.

Who is better digimon dusk digimon dawn?

Digimon dawn.

Where do you get Digimon World Dusk and Dawn?

You can get digimon world dawn or dusk at gamestop or any store with games. If you can't get it at the stores you can play it online.

How do you get to Shadow Abyss in Digimon World Dawn?

You can't, that zone is only in Digimon World Dusk.

How do you get magnagarurumon in Digimon World Dawn?

you cant

What is the action replay code for one hit kill in Digimon World dawn?

There isn't a one hit kill code for digimon world dawn

Can you get Renamon on Digimon World Dawn or Digimon World Dusk?

You can get Renamon by going to limit valley and fight her there

How do you get to task canyon in Digimon World Dusk?

It's a Digimon Dawn exclusive area.

Does anyone have a gender change code for Digimon World Dawn?

Digimon don't have gender.

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