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Well, I got my Feebas in about 2 hours because you never know which tiles the Feebas usually hang out on (they changes everyday). I searched in the lake closest to the long grass. I CHECKED THE WHOLE DANG LAKE AND ONLY FOUND 1 FEEBAS! To catch Feebas you have to be a patient person because it takes a REALLY LONG TIME TO FIND. I ended up catching a Lv. 27 female Feebas. I fished with a GOOD ROD! In case you don't have one you get the good rod by Mauville city. Once you get surf you can cross the lake and talk to the fisherman on the other side. Back to the 'Feebas catching'. I fish with a super rod on almost half the lake and then I tried the good rod. I hope you get as lucky as I did and catch a really strong Feebas! P.S. To evolve Feebas just raise it's Beauty as much as you can! Good Luck! if you just want to see a feebas when you battle the eighth gym leader cross the first bit of ice the walk on a square block of ice twice on the second bit and there will be two trainers the one on the right has two feebas's.

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Q: How do you get Feebas in Emerald?
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How do you get a feebas easy in emerald?

U can find feebas in Route 119.

What fishing rod encounters Feebas best in Emerald?

The Super Rod is the only Rod that you can use to encounter Feebas in Emerald.

Where do you get a feebas in emerald?

befor you get to fortree city and yous a good rod on feebas.

Which Rod do you use to fish for Feebas in Emerald?

FeebasUse a Super Rod.

Where to find feebas on emerald?

Feebas is a third generation Pokemon. It can be caught by the player in Pokemon Emerald using a Fishing Rod on Route 119.

How do you find a feebas in Pokemon emerald?


What rare Pokémon are on Pokémon emerald?


How does feebas evolve in Pokemon emerald?

you have to max out feebas happines and then level it up one level :DDD

How do you evolve feebas to Milotic in emerald?

You have to make your feebas feel pretty, Ya it sounds wierd but its the truth.

Where do you get feebas in Pokemon emerald?

Throughout route 119.

What rare Pokemon are there on Pokemon emerald?


Witch is the rariest Pokémon on Pokémon emerald?


When does feebas evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Feebas evolves when you have maxed out its Beauty Stat and then you level it up. If Feebas' sheen is maxed out but its Beauty isn't then it cannot evolve and it's stuck as a Feebas.

How do you get a febass in emerald?

You can find Feebas along route 119 in Pokemon Emerald. Feebas is often over looked similar to Magikarp due to its dull wit and unattractive appearance.

Pokemon emerald how do you catch feebas?

Feebas is a Water type Pokemon introduced in the third generation games. It can be found while fishing along Route 119 in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you evolve feebas emerald?

You have to get feebas's buety to maximum and it will evolve

Where is a feebas in Emerald?

I think it is on 119 P.S Use your PokeDex

Where do you edit the phrase to get feebas in emerald?

the person's saying lol ^^

Where in Pokemon Emerald can you find a feebas?

From mauville to fortree cities

Were can you find a feebas in Pokemon Emerald?

in rout 114. with fishing.

What route is feebas in in emerald?

go on hope it helps

Where can you find feebas in Pokemon emerald?

u can find feebas in 6 various places on route 119 near fortree city.

What is the rarast Pokemon?

the rarest Pokemon in Ruby Sapphire and Emerald is Feebas

How can you get feebas in Pokemon emerald?

you want catch it with the rod in rout 119.

What rod do you catch Feebas in Pokemon Emerald and if so how?

supe rod