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you get it on Route 36.


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You use HM Rock Smash on smashable rocks.

Bibarel he can learn waterfall, strenght, surf, rock smash, rock climb,

Once you Remove the Odd Tree (Sudowoodo) from the area near goldenrod, some fat guy will give you rock smash.

When you get to Violet city, you go to the top left corner of the town. Go through the tunnel area and go to the character in pink. She will give you the HM Rock Smash.

go north of the first gym talk to the person she will give it to u

Rock Smash isn't an HM in this game.

The fat boy/man wearing the pink top on route 36 (outside Violet city) gives it to you

HM Rock smash on route 36HM Cut from charcoal mna in ilex forestHM Surf in Ecruteak CityHM Fly in Cianwood CityHM Strength from a hiker on route 42HM Waterfall on the Ice PathThese were all I found in my Soul Silver guide.Good Luck!!

in Pokemon silver, gold, crystal, yellow, blue or red rock smash don't exist. in the new versions rock smash is a HM.

There is no Rock Smash HM in Pokémon Yellow.

Pokemon Gen 1 (Red, Blue, Yellow) HM 1 - Cut HM 2 - Fly HM 3 - Surf HM 4 - Strength HM 5 - Flash ----------------------------------------- Gen 2 (Silver, Gold, Crystal) HM - Cut HM - Fly HM - Surf HM - Strength HM - Flash HM - Whirlpool HM - Waterfall ------------------------------------------ Gen 3 (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) HM - Cut HM - Fly HM - Surf HM - Strength HM - Flash HM - Rock Smash HM - Waterfall HM - Dive ------------------------------------------- Fire Red, Leaf Green HM - Cut HM - Fly HM - Surf HM - Strength HM - Flash HM - Rock Smash HM - Waterfall ------------------------------------------- Generation 4 (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum) HM - Cut HM - Fly HM - Surf HM - Strength HM - Defog HM - Rock Smash HM - Waterfall HM - Rock Climb ------------------------------------------- Heart Gold, Soul Silver HM - Cut HM - Fly HM - Surf HM - Strength HM - Whirlpool HM - Rock Smash HM - Waterfall HM - Rock Climb ------------------------------------------- Generation 5 (Black, White) HM - Cut HM - Fly HM - Surf HM - Strength HM - Waterfall HM - Dive

Geodude learns rock smash by teaching it the HM move rock smash.

You have to beat all 16 gym leaders to get rock climb I believe.

After obtaining all of the kanto and johto badges visit professer Oak and he will give you the HM rock climb.

you can get strength HM from using rock smash on the rock that seperates the couple in the village across from marvile which you get rock smash from.

There are 9 HMs HM:01 Cut HM:02 Fly HM:03 Surf HM:04 Strength HM:05 Flash HM:06 Whirlpool HM:07 Waterfall HM:08 Rock Smash HM:09 Rock Climb

After you defeat the sprout tower, the old man will give you HM Rock Smash!

Rock Smash is not a HM, it's a TM. You can get it from a Battle Girl outside Pinwheel Forest

You get it from a guy in the slopoke well. But you need the hm surf and strength.

defeat all Kanto Gym Leaders and get Rock Climb HM from Prof.Oak

In this game, rock smash is not an HM, it is a TM.

to get rock smash go to a house in mauville. it has a purple roof and gray body. in there is a collector looking guy. he is rock smash guy and he will give u rock smash. Rock Smash is HM 06

In Mauville City, enter a house with pink roof, talk to the guy inside (the Rock Smash guy) and he'll give you HM Rock Smash...

HM rock smash can be found in Mauville city in the house to the right of the poke mart.

To the east of the National Park near Goldenrod, there is a tree which is actually a Sudowoodo. After defeating/capturing it, go right and talk to the first man you see. He'll hand you the HM Rock Smash. That route is also a quick shortcut to Violet City.

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