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level it up to lvl. 85 sorry if i afend you but it is 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85!

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Q: How do you get Ho-oh to learn scared fire in Pokemon?
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How do you catch hooh on fire red or Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't unless you trade with somebody. Anyways Moltres is better

What move can only hooh learn?

In the original games, Ho-Oh's most notable move, was Sacred Fire. Today, it is still Ho-Oh's signature move, but it's not as popular as before, due to the fact that the release of event Pokemon with signature moves have increased.

How do you learn fire punch on Pokemon diamond?

You can only "learn" Fire Punch in Diamond via breeding a Pokemon with another who already knows Fire Punch (Magmar for example)

How do you make Alakazam learn Fire Punch on Pokemon FireRed?

The only way Alakazam can learn Fire Punch is through a Move Tutor on Pokemon Emerald Version.

What Pokemon can learn sacred fire?

Ho-Oh (Get it from Pokemon gold)

What Pokemon's can learn the move thief in fire red and leaf green?

dark Pokemon can on learn thief in firered

Where do you get fire punch in FireRed?

Fire Punch is not an TM or HM in Pokemon FireRed. It is learned by level up or by breeding for Pokemon that can learn it.

Who can learn flash in silver?

fire Pokemon

What moves can Arcanine learn in Pokemon fire red?

Fire type moves

Which Pokemon can learn super boiled in Pokemon Fire red?

surf in celadon city to a old man, he will learn a pokemon which is able to learn soft boiled the move soft boiled :D

What Pokemon can learn cut and strength in Pokemon fire red?

raticate can learn both and can be found in many places or evolved from rattata

Who can learn flash in pokemon fire red version?

Paris can learn cut and flash

When does Charizard learn flamethrower in Pokemon fire red?

At level 34.

Can Butterfree learn fly in Pokemon fire red?


How does Entei learn flare blitz in Pokemon heartgold?

It doesn't. Flare Blitz is a move only fire-type starter Pokemon can learn.

In Pokemon indigo what level does electrive learn fire punch?

idk and Pokemon indigo is called Pokemon diamond

What if your Pokemon are to scared to move so how do you kill them in pokimon fire red?

You need a silph scope to identify ghosts when you have it you can fight the Pokemon your fighting.

How do you learn moves you deleted in Pokemon fire red?


Pokemon platinum How do you get flamethrower?

You only can learn flamethrower if you have a fire-type pokemon. Look for TM35.

In Pokemon platinum how does staraptor learn heat wave?

Staraptor can't learn Heat Wave... Only Fire-Type Pokemon can.

Pokรฉmon ruby what Pokรฉmon can learn metronome?

i have two Pokemon from Pokemon fire red/leaf green and togepi/togetic and gengar can learn metronome

What level does Charmander learn fire fang in Pokemon leafgreen version?

Charmander does learn Fire Fang, but he cannot because Fire Fang is a Generation 4 and LeafGreen is Generator 3

What moves does magmar learn?

Magmar is a powerful fire type of Pokemon in the Pokemon series of games. It is capable of learning various moves such as fire blast.

Which level does Vulpix have to be on to learn the move Fire Blast?

In what Pokemon game? In the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, Vulpix learns Fire Blast on level 47. Of course, you could always teach it Fire Blast from TM38 on any level. Actually, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are the only games which allow Vulpix to learn Fire Blast as a part of levelling up. The Pokemon games of the three previous generations only allow Vulpix to learn Ember, Flamethrower and Fire Spin by levelling up.

At what level will Ivysaur learn sweet scent on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Ivysaur will learn sweet scent at level 29 in Pokemon fire red and left green.