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How do you get Latias to stop fleeing when you see her during battle?


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You can use a Pokémon with the ability Shadow Tag(Wobbuffet) to stop it from fleeing.


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Try letting it sleep Then throw a Master Ball.....I tried that and it actually worked

Get someone that knows a move like mean look that will prevent the opponent from escaping.

don't worry i found da answer, i realized taht its because my Pokemon had slow speed! that's why latias was fleeing before i evern attacked!

Have a Pokemon with the move called Mean Look, which Golbat is a primary choice to have this move. The move Mean Look prevents the Pokemon from fleeing or switching out during a battle and can be very useful in a battle like this. You cannot stop Mesprit from permanently fleeing, however. It is recommended to bring a Pokemon with any sleep status moves like: Hypnosis, Sleep Powder, Yawn, etc. to further the effect.

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ok do you have a wobberfeut if so battle mespirit with it and it wont flee P.S do you have shaymin if so can you trade me plz

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There are no items that stop Pokemon from fleeing in battle in Pokemon soulsilver.Although this is true:You can catch a Pokemon that knows, Arena trap,and/or a Pokemon that knows mean look, such as a Ghastly.

The Pokemon move Mean Look and Spider Web Wobbuffet with Shadow Tag Trapinch, Diglet, and Dugtrio with Arena Trap

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Pokemon with mean look can stop Pokemon from fleeing

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After defeating Wallace, back at Littleroot Town, there has been reports of a "BZZT... colored" Pokemon. If this "BZZT... color" is red, it's Latias, but if blue, it's Latios. Choose what this "BZZT... color" is and search Hoenn for it. Latias and Latios move around and are not easy to encounter. The other "BZZT... colored" Pokemon can be obtained by the Eon Ticket event. This one does not escape from battle whilst the roaming "BZZT... colored" one does. The ability Shadow Tag will stop it from fleeing. Shadow Tag only! Lati(a/o)s has Levitate and ONLY Levitate, which renders Arena Trap useless. Ensure ALL of the Pokemon in your team have Shadow Tag ability.

The move Mean Look will stop a Pokemon from running from battle. (It's not a TM, but Spider Web works identically. In Generation IV, some Pokemon also learn Block, another Mean Look Clone.)

It will keep fleeing unless you have a Pokemon with Mean Look or something like that so it won't escape. Try catching a wild Golbat. The same is for Mespirit.

you need a wobbufet or wynaut because they have shadow tag so put that Pokemon in the front of your party or you can get a octillery if your trying to catch a fleeing Pokemon

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by beating the eleate four then your mom will ask you what color did the guy say on tv and if you pick red its latias and if you pick blue its latios but you have to find them then there in your pokedex then you have to chase it around plus if you battle it and you youse a attack it will fle so the onling way to stop it from fleaing is to have a wabbofet a wabbofet is in safary zone (its rely hard to get them)

try using the move 'mean look' on it so it cant escape.

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You either capture it, or using a Pokemon like haunter use mean look to stop it from running away.

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