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Lugia and Ho-Ohget pokemonXd use the master ball on lugia. AnswerYou can also use the Mystic Ticket. AnswerRrade ho-oh from Pokemon colloseum and lugia from Pokemon XD. or use the mystic ticket at a Nintendo event.
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Q: How do you get Lugia and Ho-oh in Pokemon Emerald and FireRed?
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Can you get both hooh and Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

yes you can. but if you have Pokemon soulsilver, the first encounter will be a lugia and vice versa for ho-oh.

How do you get Hooh and Lugia in Pokemon Sapphire?

There are quite a few ways to get Ho-oh or Lugia in Pokemon Sapphire.Get the Mystic ticket in Emerald and trade themYou can win a Ho-oh in Pokemon Colosseum for completing Mt Battle vs 100 with your story mode Pokemon, which you can then transfer to SapphireLugia is a shadow Pokemon in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, you can transfer it to Sapphire after you catch and purify itCheat

What are good Pokemon to use against the elite four?

scyther lv46 typhlosion lv51 lugia or hooh lv54

Is it hard to capture lugia and hooh in soul silver?

You bet

What should you use to beat Groudon lugia hooh Palkia mewtwo dialga?

Lugia and Palkia are super effective

What is code for Lugia and hooh?

you have to get a mystery ticket if you want a deyoxes you have to get a aurora ticket.

Which is better Lugia or hooh?

Ho-Oh is much better and much prettier.

What kinda legendary Pokรฉmon you can get in Soulsilver?

lugia, hooh, red garados but that doesnt really count, mewtwo, groudon, the three dog pokemon, the three bird pokemon, speacial event celebi,

How do you get a hooh with modifier?

Shut up and listen WHAT the hell is hooh hooh or Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon games Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. I don`t exually have an answer for the first question though...

How do you get hooh inpokemon FireRed?

u can't idiot it's kanto not jhoto

How can you get Lugia on Pokemon Ruby?

I heard from a friend that you can catch a lugia on Pokemon sapphire and ruby, and most likely emerald. An di will tell you how to get i t, when you get all the eight gym leader's badge don't beat the elite four because then you cant get it no more so after you get the eight badge you should talk to the guy who you saved the wingull from team aqua, or magma and that guy will give you the map to catch lugia and hooh. Hope this helps.This guy is being a bit of a liar guys the only way you get him is to get the arura ticket.Try to get him by gale of darkness and Ho-oh is in colloseum puritify the Pokemon!

Who is the better Pokemon Lugia or hooh?

Lugia! Lugia's water type moves are super effective to ho-oh! Unfortunately, for some reason, Lugia isn't a water type!!! So ho-ohs fire type won't be not very effective, but Lugia's water moves will still be super effective if you use water moves

How do you get hooh in Pokemon Platinum?

Migrate,Trade,Or Use The Action Replay Pokemon Modifier.

What is the action replay code to encounter Pokemon for Pokemon Emerald?

What is the point of cheating? Complete the game without it and you feel like you've accomplished something. NO WAY you can complete the Pokemon emerald game without cheat code. Some Pokemon cannot be catch or trade it from leafgreen or firered, ex. lugia, hooh, celebi, mew and some others legendaries Pokemon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I couldn't find any AR codes, but I found a Gameshark one and they're supposed to work on the AR. First you need the master code: B749822B CE9BFAC1 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3 Then if you go in the grass after you've entered this code, you will find one. B749822B CE9BFAC1 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3 NOTE: this code doesn't deactivate until you shut the game off. Therefore every Pokemon you find during this time will be Mewtwo.

What is the best team to beat the elite 4 in soul-silver?

lugia hooh mewto tyranitar lapras and one of the evee evolutions

How do you obtain hooh in Pokemon diamond?

You have to trade for it with a friend. Or you can get Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver and capture him.

Where can you get hooh on Pokemon LeafGreen?

on Navel Rock via a Nintendo Event Ticket

When does hooh appear in Pokemon Crystal?

Go here:Pokemon_crystal_how_to_find_ho_ho

How do you catch Ho-oh in Pokemon white 2?

type in: "catch hooh"

How do you get hooh on Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

You can find Ho-oh by taking the left path in Island #8. Pack some balls and potions Save first before fighting with Ho-oh then you can fight with it but be careful not to kill it or just use the masterball, that ball catches any pokemon without fail. Jean:)

Is Lugia better than hooh?

Yes. While Ho-Oh is a Fire/Flying Type Pokemon, Lugia can learn Hydro Pump and other Water-Type moves, which are of course super effective. Plus, in HG/SS, you can get Ho-Oh by climbing a tower. Climb, climb... oh hey how you doing, bird? You have to cross a deep sea Whirl Island Maze to get Ho-Oh. Which one's more epic? Lugia, duh.

Where is lugia in leafgreen you also need to know how to catch Suicune and is hooh and mew possible to catch?

to catch any of these u need either a gameshark or use other cheats.

What is the name of the two things you need to get hooh in Pokemon heart gold?

the fog badge and the rainbow wing

What are the Pokรฉmon to get the evolution stones in gold Pokรฉmon?


How do you get your poke walker to register to your new game?

turn your ds off then back on again so that your at the beginning of the game, (straight after the moving Pokemon eg: hooh or lugia. then go down onto the 3rd box which says Connect to pokewalker. go onto that. then yea. hope i helped