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How do you get Lugia in LeafGreen?

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To get Lugia in Pokemon Leafgreen, you have to capture all the legendary birds and I think all the cats ( you will have to trade to Pokemon Firered to get all of them ).Before getting the legedary cats, you will have to beat the Elite four. After you do this you will get the cat determined upon which starter Pokemon you have ( Charmander= Suicune,bulbasaur=entei, and squirtle= raikou ).They will pop up in grass. Then look on your map. You will see a island.Fly to it. Then go through the cave and at the end you will see a Lugia. WARNING: I suggest you clone master balls ( look up cloning on Pokemon Emerald.Lugia can deflect masterballs!!!) and the best way to capture Lugia is by getting it to a very low health and either poisoning it, paralyzing it, or putting it to sleep.


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how do i get lugia in Pokemon leafgreen

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you get a lugia for your firered or leafgreen or ruby.

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lugia isn't in Pokemon leaf green

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You will have had to attend an event to get access to Naval Rock where Lugia is.

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