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To get Lugia in Pokemon Leafgreen, you have to capture all the legendary birds and I think all the cats ( you will have to trade to Pokemon FireRed to get all of them ).Before getting the legedary cats, you will have to beat the Elite four. After you do this you will get the cat determined upon which starter Pokemon you have ( Charmander= Suicune,bulbasaur=entei, and squirtle= raikou ).They will pop up in grass. Then look on your map. You will see a island.Fly to it. Then go through the cave and at the end you will see a Lugia. WARNING: I suggest you clone master balls ( look up cloning on Pokemon Emerald.Lugia can deflect masterballs!!!) and the best way to capture Lugia is by getting it to a very low health and either poisoning it, paralyzing it, or putting it to sleep.


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Q: How do you get Lugia in LeafGreen?
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How can you get lugia in leafgreen?

how do i get lugia in Pokemon leafgreen

Is there a glitch for lugia in LeafGreen?


What happens when you purify shadow Lugia?

you get a lugia for your firered or leafgreen or ruby.

Can you catch lugia in LeafGreen?


Can you Battle Lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you catch a Lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

lugia isn't in Pokemon leaf green

Where do you get lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In The Navel Rock

Where can you catch Lugia in pokemon leafgreen?

You will have had to attend an event to get access to Naval Rock where Lugia is.

Where can you find Lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Navel rock to get there you need a mystic ticket. Also you can trade the lugia from Pokemon xd gale of darkness to leafgreen.

How do you catch Lugia without cheats on leafgreen?

Lugia cannot be obtained as the event to get the item for it has finished.

How can you catch Lugia in Pokemon pearl?

You can only catch lugia if you migrated it from firered or leafgreen. If you want lugia get one from heartgold or soulsilver version.

How do you find Lugia in emerald?

lugia is in the games soulsilver,gold,silver,heartgold,crystal,firered,and leafgreen

How do you catch Lugia in Pokemon leafgreen without using action replay?

You can catch Lugia at Navel Rock.

Where to get Ho-oh and Lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get it at Navel rock. Trade Ho-oh from Pokemon colosseum and trade lugia from Pokemon xd gale of darkness to leafgreen.

Is Lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No only if you have the hack version if you dont then no

What Pokemon can you get on island 8 in LeafGreen?

lugia ho-oh

How do you catch a Lugia on pokemon leafgreen?

you have to lick or moms junk

Where do you find lugia on leafgreen?

you don't, you must import a lugia from Pokemon xd into fire red or leaf green

What game can you catch Lugia in?

You can capture Lugia in FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

How do you get Lugia on Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

I got lugia by using a Game Shark. I also got a lugia by trading him from the DX gail of Darkness gamecube game.

How do you catch Lugia on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You would need the mystic ticket otherwise get the lugia from Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

Where is Lugia on pokemon LeafGreen?

you needed to go to a Nintendo event. Sorry.

How do you get Lugia on Pokemon Diamond?

you cant you have to migrate it from Pokemon firered/leafgreen

Where to get the ticket to luigi's island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It's LugiA, not LuigI.

Game shark to obtain Lugia for LeafGreen?

Here is the legit way, in Pokemon xd gale of darkness lugia is a shadow Pokemon and if you catch it and purify it and beat the game you can trade it to leafgreen and show it off to everyone.