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How do you get Munchlax in Pokemon FireRed?


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How do you get munchlax in Pokemon fireyou need a male and female snorlax and give 1 of them lax tag take them to the 4th island and put them in the daycare centre

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You can't Munchlax is only in the gen4 and gen5

Munchlax is a 4th generation Pokemon meaning it only exist in diamond and pearl and platinum and heartgold and soulsilver so that means munchlax is not a Pokemon you can get in firered. Though in Pokemon xd gale of darkness you can witness munchlax even though you can't get it you can see it and also you can see and use bonsly in the game.

you cant he is a 4th gen Pokemon and its a 3rd gen game

Meowth, Aipom, Tediursa, Phamphy, Zigazoon, Linoone, Pachirisu, Munchlax, Yerterii, and Ambipom

Munchlax is a Normal type pokemon.

Go to the GTS and if you have Munchlax in your Pokedex, send in a Pokemon and ask for a Munchlax.

No, you cannot. Munchlax is a Sinnoh Pokemon.

you can't get munchlax in fire red without gameshark codes

you don't it doesn't exist yet

you don't. Munchlax is not a starter pokemon.

munchlax didnt exist in the 3rd generation of Pokemon games

MunchLax is hard to get. EIther Migrate it foirm Leafgreen or FireRed or get it from Honey Trees. MunchLax wont come out often. Ususally it is combee or wurmple and sometimes aipom or burmy hoped this helped

Tyson have a Munchlax on Pokemon Pearl

Munchlax is one of the "starter" Pokemon in Pokemon ranger. If you choose it, it becomes ur partner.

First off, Munchlax is a 4th Generation Pokemon and is thus not available in Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen. Make sure you are playing Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver. The Snorlax must then be holding a Full Incense in the Day Care in order to produce a Munchlax egg. Full Incense can be found in Veilstone City (in D/P).

Munchlax is only interactable, but cannot be in XD as it is a Generation 4 Pokemon.

you haave to breed him from a snorlax. to make snorlax have a egg, you have to have a ditto and bring snorlax and ditto to the day-care center on island 4

Nothing; Munchlax cannot breed since it is considered a "baby" Pokemon. If you wanted to breed the Munchlax to produce Munchlax offspring, just evolve the Munchlax and allow it to hold the Lax Insence and then breed it with any compatible Pokemon of the opposite gender, or Ditto.

You cannot be a munchlax in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue, or red rescue team. Munchlax was not yet featured as a starter in those games.

munchlax is a pretty hungry Pokemon so i guess a lot of honey

You can't be a Munchlax. It is only available as a partner and if you want a Munchlax get the Pokemon mystery dungeon: blue/red rescue team and/or explorers of time/darkness.

In Pokemon firered you can't, but in Pokemon leafgreen you can get it then trade it to Pokemon firered.

Diamond and pearl and also Munchlax is in the mystery dungeon games

you cant munchlax is knew on the Pokemon diamond and pearl national dex.

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