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How do you get Music of of a MP3 Player?

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it is easy you just download the music , than you burn the music to a disk and it will go straight to the built in disk in your mp3 player, mp4player,or iPod i don,t know

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How do you get music on a MP3 player without LimeWire?

How do you get music on a MP3 player without limewire?

Does an Nokia e63 have an mp3 player?

It can play mp3, I have mp3 music on mine and it works. Go to Menu > Media > Music Player

Is it illegal to copy music from a CD to a MP3 player?

If you bought theCD and the MP3 player is yours than no it isn't illegal. Putting the music on someone elses MP3 player is illegal and\or selling your MP3 player with music on it is illegal. Hope this answers the question.

How do you transfer music from a ps3 to an eclipse mp3 player?

Music can be transfered from a PS3 to an eclipse mp3 player by transfering your music via USB to your computer, and from the computer via USB to your eclipse mp3 player.

Where can one purchase an MP3 music player?

One can purchase an MP3 music player at a number of different retailers. One can purchase an MP3 music player at stores such as Target, Best Buy, and Walmart.

What is a mp3 mp3 amplifier?

It is a speaker for mp3 player to play music loud.

How do download iTunes music to Sony mp3 player?

You can't download itunes on to a mp3 player. You can only download itunes on a iPod. But you can download music for an MP3 Player on

Can mp4 music will work on mp3 player?

No that's why it's called an MP3 player...

How do you add music on an MP3 player from a coby MP3 player?

either 1) connect to the computer and then using my computer, drag and drop the files to your coby mp3 player. 2) use Windows media player to sync music and playlists to your mp3 player.

How does MP3 player record?

An MP3 player is not capable of recording. MP3 players are used to store music and video files, and can be used to play both music and movies.

Where can you get music for your mp3 player?


What can you listen to music on?

mp3 player

How do you download music to mp3 player?

Open your mp3 player on your computer as you would a removable disc (Like a thumb drive), place the music you want into the appropriate folder, and there you have your music on your mp3 player. If you have an Apple product you will need to download Itunes to load any music, and if your mp3 player came with its own program then you will have to load the program to load the player.

How do you put music on your walkman mp3 player?

hello im tryng to figure out how 2 send music on my walkman mp3 player

How do you put music onto a Sylvania MP3 player?

A Sylvania MP3 player uses a USB cable. Connect the cable to a computer or laptop and find music using the PC. Once the music is found it can be directly downloaded into the MP3 player.

How do you download music to an MP3 player?

The way I do it is to plug my mp3 player into my laptop with the USB cable provided with it. I then use Window's Media Player to sync with my mp3 player, and to sync any music on my laptop onto the mp3 player. You can set the settings with Media Player to say what media you want on your player. You can also just manually drag and drop the songs into the conveniently labeled "music" folder, if your mp3 player is that convenient.

How do I download music to my car MP3 player?

I never have heard of doing this. I believe that you have download music to your MP3 player and then plug it in to your car stereo.

You transfered a CD to my music library and then transfered the music from your library to your gigaware mp3 player but the music won't play what do you do?

the format on the CD is not mp3... so you have to convert it to mp3

How do you save music from your computer to your mp3?

Plug the MP3 player into a USB port, then open the device and the folder with your music in it - and simply drag & drop the tracks you want on the MP3 player to its folder.

How do you transfer music from an mp3 player to a computer?

Transferring music from an MP3 player to a computer may differ depending on what computer system is being used. You will need a computer, MP3 player, USB cable and the correct software for the MP3 player. Connect the MP3 player to the computer using the appropriate USB cable, and click on the 'Computer' icon to locate the MP3 player in 'Devices and Removable Storage.' Open the folder containing the music, highlight the songs you want on the computer and drag them into the computer's music folder.

How do i put music on my mp3 player onto my ipod?

You need MP3 Converter

Why cant you sync music to your mp3 player?

maybe because the mp3 player has not enough memory but if not i have no idea

Can you download music from iTunes to a Element mp3 player?

No. This is an MP3 player. Itunes can only be played on a Ipod.


If you got a USB cable with your mp3 player plug it into your computer. Download music to your computer, then right click on the music files and click SEND TO and what ever your mp3 is called. . . It could be removable disc.

How do you download music to a eclipse mp3 player?

how do i download music to my media player eclipse