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Q: How do you get Mystery Gift to work?
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Does the mystery gift actually work on Pokemon platinum?


Does Pokemon HeartGold Mystery Gift work?


Why wont your mystery gift work?

i dont know it doesnt work for me either

I have a mystery gift but it didn't work what shoud you do?

get wifi-connection

How do you connect to get the mystery gift?

You need wi-fi in your house and you will have to connect them in the menu on your DS.Then you press mystery gift on your game but it only work on DSI.

How does the mystery gift work in diamond?

the mystery gift just needs a wi-fi signal to work from any special events lets say they were to give out a level 100 arceus you go to ''mystery gift'' select ''get via wireless then choose yes and you get your gift awsome (but the arceus is not real tough so sad )

How does the mystery gift work in Pokemon diamond?

once you have gone to the person on the third floor on jubilife tv save, turn of then back on and mystery gift will be available to you click on it then go to receive mystery gift and then go to receive from friend

Can you get an azure flute for a mystery gift?

do it by mystery gift

How does the Pokemon diamond mystery gift work?

you use wonder cards

What do you do when the three people mystery gift doesnt work?

it says error

What mystery gifts are avalible on Pokemon Diamond And platinum right now?

Mystery Gift: MANAPHY Egg ---- Mystery Gift: Azure Flute ---- Mystery Gift: Member Card ---- Mystery Gift: Oak's Letter ----

How do you get the mystery gift for the member pass?

Mystery gift is the same.

What is the mystery gift in 2010?

I think there will be no mystery gift for 2010.

When does ash's pikachu come out in the mystery gift?

what mystery gift

How do you get different items on mystery gift?

u only get different items on mystery gift when it is a different mystery gift event

How do you get a mystery gift in HeartGold?

You go to the main menu and click on mystery gift. Then you select how you would like to receive the mystery gift.

What is the password for the mystery gift in Pokemon ruby?

mystery gift is exciting

What happens when you use the mystery gift?

you dont use the mystery gift

How does the Pokemon diamond mystery gift work when it loads?

you need wonder cards

How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

It comes with the Mystery gift...

What happens if no gifts are found in mystery gift in nwfc?

Then you don't get a Mystery Gift.

How do you say mystery gift in Japanese?

Nazo no okurimono this is mystery gift in Japanese

How you get the mystery gift in Pokemon?

you have to have a friend with mystery gift with an also have to have wifi

Is victini a mystery gift Pokemon for black?

Yes, Victini is the Mystery Gift you get. Please click on the related question if you need to know how to get the Mystery Gift.

How do you get the Mystery Event after you have the Mystery Gift in Pokemon dimiond?

on certain days activate the mystery gift and you may get an event