How do you get Oran berries on Pokemon Heart Gold?

So, basically, it can be pretty hard. You need to smash a lot of rocks until you get a "Blue Shard" then find the blond, spike-haired dude in Violet City (I'm pretty sure he's near the Pokemon center or mart... he has a cape) and then there is another one like him in Kanto, but I can't remember the city. When you see him, he will spin around and say "Shard de Berry! Shard de Berry!" and then he will ask you which shard you want to trade for berries. Choose your blue shard and one of the three berries he gives you will be oran. Then, DO NOT USE THE BERRY! Plant it in your berry pots immediately. Then, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT! The plant will die and you will have wasted the only oran berry you have. You will then have to look around for another blue shard. So, yeah, it is very hard. And no, no matter how many "useful items" your mom buys, it will never be an oran berry. I have had great frustration in trying to get oran berries myself, so (for your sake) try not to make my mistakes!