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How do you get Raikou in Pokemon FireRed without spending hours searching the Power Plant?


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Raikou will appear only if you have chosen Squirtle as a starter. Beat the elite 4 it will be anywhere in kanto I found it in the patch of grass under pewter city.

You also need the national pokedex which is obtained after having over 60 caught or owned Pokemon.

The most common area is north of vermillion city.


1. search for raukio

2. when a Pokemon appears which is not Raikou you go in to a house on the northeast part of the route.

3.continue going in and out of the house until you see Raikou.

If this confused check on you will see a boy catching a suicune but same concept..

You may also evolve a Pikachu from Vermillion Forest.

this is all true but you have to beat the elite 4 twice

no you dont. you can defeat the elite 4 once and still get it. you just need the national pokedex. there you should have luck since raikou can appear anyware. except for buildings and caves. raikou wont appear at the power plant. if you still have your master ball use it on him if you dont good luck for you


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