How do you get Sim Tower onto your computer?

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In reference to the Game, You would need the sim tower bundle CD
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How do you upload the sims onto your mac?

click on the icon on the left side of the screen once the disk is in and click install (dont loose the cover!) and follow the instructions until you need to put in a code, cop

The sims keep stopping on your computer you have unistalled it and installed it but it still wont work It was going fine until you tried loading sims unleashed onto your computer?

It sounds like your computer is full and does not have the memory available to run the programs if they are both on your computer. Uninstall any old programs you don't use

Can you download the sims 3 onto more than one computer using the same disc?

Nope. Since you need to REGISTER your game, it won't work cause there's only ONE code on eachbox. ANOTHER ANSWER::: I have Sims 3, and i went away on a road trip, and i on

How do you upload sims onto another computer onto the sims

There are 2 ways to do this.. This is how you start them both. Go to start, the All Programs, then EA Games, then click on the folder of your most recent game installed, and
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How does a computer worm get onto your computer?

It gets in several ways: Through e-mail. That's the most frequent way, by opening an attachment in a message. Through Skype and other messaging programs. Principle is the
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How to install a pre used Sims game onto a computer with no disk drive?

My brother wiped our shared family computer and deleted my Sims 3game. Now, I'm trying to install my game with no disk drive. I knowthat I can go to Origin and input my game c