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How do you get Snorlax to move in Heartgold?

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Play poke Flute on Radio

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How do you move Snorlax on Pokemon HeartGold?

You must use the pokeflute on the radio.

How do you move snorelax to get into the diglett's cave on Pokemon HeartGold?

Get a radio-card for kanto in lavender town. Then go to the snorlax, search the pokeflute channel on your radio and then check the snorlax.

When does Snorlax move on HeartGold?

if u want to move the snorlax, u have to fix the problem t the power plant, then go to the radio station in lavender town and talk to a man and upgrade your radio (or pokegear). Then walk up to the snorlax and open your pokegear, move the tuner around the top and find the poke flute, then talk to the snorlax. you should probably save before battling the snorlax.

How do you move the Snorlax?

In what version? Heartgold? If so, you get the pokeflute channel on your pokegear by getting the part for the broken electric company.

How do you move the Snorlax in front of digletts cave in Pokemon?

fire red/leaf green:pokeflute Heartgold/Soulsilver-pokeflue on the pokegear

How do you get Snorlax in Pokemon HeartGold after you killed it?

You could use action replay, or trade a snorlax from another game.

How do you wake up the Snorlax on Pokemon heartgold?

after you upgrade your pokegear, at the top of the globe listen to it, then talk to the snorlax!

Where is the poke flute in heartgold?

after you fix the power plant a person in lavender town (inside the radio tower) and he gives you it to move the snorlax (which you can catch)

How do you move the Snorlax in the way of the diglet cave in soulsilver and heartgold?

First you have to get the electricity working again, then if you go to Lavender town at the radio tower you get a update for the pokegear. There will be a Pokeflute channel on the radio and you have to play it next to the Snorlax.

Where to get Snorlax on HeartGold?

In kanto a snorlax will be sleeping in front of the first diglett cave, you can wake him up by the pokeflute in your pokegear.

How do you wake up Snorlax heartgold?

you have to go to lavander town and go to the radio tower thrn talk to a man with a hat and he will give you a card to your pokegear then go to talk to snorlax and pot the radio and move the channel to the top and it will start using the poke flute and snorlax will attack you

How do you get leftovers on HeartGold?

in kanto there is a sleeping snorlax catch him and he has a leftovers

What do you do with the flute on Pokemon HeartGold?

The PokeFlute is used to awaken Snorlax.

How do you wake he sleping Snorlax up in heartgold?

If you got your radio on your pokegear upgraded, move the circle on the radio to the top, and the channel will say pokeflute. The snorlax will wake up and attack. Catching it is easy if you have a heavy ball or two.

In Pokemon HeartGold How do you get the poke flute in?

In Pokemon heartgold, if you are in the kanto region, you can use the pokeflute. Just be right beside snorlax, go to pokegear, go to radio, and move the circle to the very top of the radio graph

What happens if you kill Snorlax in Pokemon heartgold?

You don't have to capture it, you just have to move it out of the way so if you faint it then it's not a problem cause the path is no longer blocked

Where is Snorlax in Pokemon HeartGold?

Route 11 - it should be obvious exactly where...

In Pokemon heartgold where do you go after you defeated misty?

After you beat misty you have to wake up snorlax on route 11 with the pokeflute. to use the pokeflute go beside snorlax and open your pokegear. go to radio and move the little circle to the top of the graph

How do you move the Snorlax blocking the cave in Pokemon heartgold?

First, you must have the EXPN card for your Pokegear from a man in the Kanto Radio Tower in Lavender Town. Then, go to the Snorlax and use your stylus to the top tiny star on your Pokegear Radio to tune to the PokeFlute.

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon leaf green?

use the pokeflute but if ur in heartgold or soulsilver, move the dot on ur radio to the top of the circle (pokeflute channel)

In heartgold how do you get the Snorlax out of the way of the cave?

you go to the lavender town radio station than go to the old guy inside talk to him and he will upgrade your pokegear. Next go to the snorlax than click on your pokegear and go to the radio part. Then you move the little circle to the top of the bigger circle and exit out of the pokegear. Finally talk to the snorlax and it will wake up and you will battle it. Snorlax is a level50

Where is Snorlax in heartgold?

rite n frnt o da diggett hole

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