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How do you get Spiritomb on pearl?


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Spiritomb is a ghost and dark type of Pokemon. To get one in Pokemon Pearl, you have to go to the Hallowed Tower.

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The Spiritomb in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum is level 25.

you find it in that abandoned house thingy

Well i know you can get one in diamond, pearl and platinum you may need to trade a Pokemon to diamond or pearl or platinum and your friend must give spiritomb.

Spiritomb is Ghost and Dark Type. Extra Information: To catch Spiritomb, you need to place an Odd Keystone in the Hallowed Tower in Route 209 and have 32 conversations with a friend underground (You will catch Spiritomb in 25 lv.) Hope I helped :)

You can't. The only way you can get a spiritomb in Pearl or Diamond is using the flute at the top of the tower.

I think arceus is the the strongest Pokemon in diamond and pearl. Also no moves are supereffective on Spiritomb and arceus

you need to have cheat, is to catch the champion's spirit tomb

Replace the odd keystone into the broken stone tower on Diamond and Pearl

You get the Odd Keystone and put it in the Hallowed Tower on Route 209

he wasnt created at that time. he is new for platinum pearl and diamond

Spiritomb Togekiss Lucario Garchomp Roserade Milotic

garchomp,milotic,gastrodon, spiritomb and the rest i dont no

In the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, Spiritomb can be obtained either through the quest in which the player must have 32 interactions with friends, or through the Global Trade Station. If Spiritomb has been encountered by the player, such as through battling the Elite Four and then the Champion, then it can be requested in the GTS system for trade.

Palkia, (Dialga for diamond) Arceus, and Spiritomb are some of the best.

the most rare Pokemon that you get with out cheating is spiritomb as it is the hardest to get and the most time consuming

to catch a spiritomb Notice: all the Pokemon in your party have to be at least a lv.70

the name of the episode is The Keystone Pops!. it is the 56th episode of the Diamond and Pearl Series :3

use master ball on someone else's dusclops I don't know if it works but it works on spiritomb

Spiritomb is a ghost/dark type of Pokémon. To get one in Pokémon Diamond Pearl and Platinum you need to go to the haunted tower.

You can find Spiritomb in Pokémon Pearl by completing the side quest. Before players begin the quest they need to find the Odd keystone.

The real way is to talk to 32 people undergroundThe simple way is to get a friend with Diamond, Pearl or Platinum and then go under ground and talk to them 32 times. It doesn't have to be 32 separate people.Have Wi-Fi? I can give you a Spiritomb or a Spiritomb Egg. Message me if you want one.

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