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DISH is a leading satellite TV & internet provider offering the best programming and technology at an unbeatable value. Dish delivers the best video anywere at anutime utlizing state-of-the-art equipment & technology & award-winning HD & DVR Technology!

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It depends on what Satellite TV provider you have as the channel is included in a different package with each Satellite TV provider.

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How are television signals received?

by satallite

Does Peru have satallite TVs?

Of course they do

What channel is TLC on direct TV?

The channel for TLC on Direct T.V. Is on 280.

What equipment do you need to watch basic non-cable channels on TV?

A tv and a satallite that you can hook up to the tv

What television channel will show TLC videos?

TLC videos are shown on the TV channel TLC (The Learning Channel). This channel is an American cable specialty channel. It is owned by Discovery Communications and was founded in 1972.

Will Skype work with satallite such as wildblue?

Will Skype work with a satallite such as WildBlue

What is satallite dish?

it is a satellite that keeps us to watch televisions and use some form of media and electricity

Is cable tv better than satallite tv?

Cable TV and Satellite TV both have wonderful qualities. The following website compares and contrasts the two.

What tv channels have reality tv shows?

The TLC network and Fox network.

What TV channel is the Oprah Winfrey show on in the UK?


What TV show was Brianne Ferguson on?

Second Chance on TLC

What TV channel is TLC in Charleston South Carolina?

TLC - The Learning Channel does not appear to be available in the Charleston, SC, viewing area.

Can you drive a satallite?


What is the correct name of the TV program from the TLC network?

A Baby Story

How do start your own reality tv show on TLC?

call the producers

Is Jon and Kate Plus 8 a tv show?

yes it's on TLC

Who sang the theme song to the tv show All that?

It was performed by TLC in 1994

Is dance moms on TLC?

no, it's on lifetime- direct tv channel: 252

What is a satallite?

A satallite is the moon in the planet example: Earth's satellite is the moon ; Neptunes satllite is Triton ; Mars satellite is Phobos and Deimos

What tv station do Jon and Kate Plus 8 come on?

The Learning Channel (Tlc)

A body that orbits a planet is called?


What is a satallite heart?

A fictional heart with a satellite in it.

What is an artifical satallite?

an artificial satalite is man made that orbits the earth in the same direction as earth it is placed outside earths atmosphere such as the wather satallite

Do the duggars get paid?

Yes the duggars get paid for there tv show 19 kids and counting on tlc.

Can you use dvr without having cable TV?

No, you must have either a satallite or cable service provider in order to utelize a DVR. Hope this helps and good luck!