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Its Is What Is In The URL Bar. The Thing You Type Websites Into. Thats The URL.

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Q: How do you get URL for YouTube video?
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How do you find the url on a YouTube video?

You can find the URL of a YouTube video by visiting the video's page. Then, go to the top of your browser's search bar area and you'll find the URL there.

What is the song at the beginning of this video on Youtube here's the url QBe4dvU-SGo?

There is no such a song in youtube with such a URL.

How do you put a YouTube video on weebly?

copy the URL and put it on embed or youtube video gadget.

What is the song at the end of this video on Youtube here's the url QBe4dvU-SGo?

The video on Youtube of url QBe4dvU-SGo, Peeps explode in the microwave do not have a song at the end.

What is Operture YouTube Element?

The youtube element is a simple way for anyone to embed a youtube video on their Wordpress or Joomla site using youtube URL. Once the element is dragged onto the page, enter the URL and the youtube video will be displayed.

How can i share a youtube video directly with someone i am not friends with?

You can share a YouTube video with someone directly that you are not friends by giving him the URL of the video.

How do you make a video as a screensaver?

If it's an existing video on YouTube, download the free "Video Saver" from . Enter the URL to the video on YouTube in the settings and click on "Save Settings" - done. If the video is not on YouTube, you could just upload it and set then enter the URL to the video as described above.

How do you download video from YouTube to your computer easily?

If you're using Google Chrome, go to the YouTube video and right click the video. Select the option "Copy video URL". Go to the website in the related link (or any other YouTube downloader, but I prefer KeepVid) and paste the URL into the search bar. Choose the format you want to save the video as and you will have easily downloaded a YouTube video.

What is the song at the beginning of this video on Youtube here's the end of the video URL QBe4dvU-SGo?

The video with the URL QBe4dvU-SGo do not contain any song in it.

How to send a Youtube video to an iPhone number?

Well, you can text the URL of the Video to them.

How do you get the YouTube videos url?

Go to a video and copy-paste the URL located in the address bar. That's the url.

How can I download Shakira's music video clip to my computer?

you need to go to youtube and copy the URL and search in Google youtube convreter paste the URL in to the box that says URL

How do you copy URL of a Youtube video?

Click on URL on your browser to highlight it, then right click to copy.

How do you get the URL from YouTube?

In the video description box in the sidebar, you click on "More info" then you'll see "Embed" and "URL" and obviously since you want the URL, you copy-paste the is the youtube URL

Where is the url in YouTube?

To get the URL of a video, you can:Copy the link from your web browser's address barRight-click the video and select "Copy video URL" or "Copy video URL at current time"

Where can i find the url in YouTube?

You can find the URL to a specific video on YouTube by looking in your browser's web address bar. You can also view the video's different linking formats by going to the "Share" tab of a video and selecting the different options available.

How can one download a YouTube video?

One can download a YouTube video by going to websites like KeepVid or by downloading a software. One universal necessity for downloading a YouTube video is having the URL or being on the video page itself.

How do you put songs on Bebo?

put a music video into your video box... i use URL's from youtube

Are the video's that helped Justin Bieber get famous still on YouTube What is the URL?

The videos are on his youtube account kidrauhl

How do i upload a YouTube video to bebo?

To upload a video from you tube you have to go to your profile then go down to your videos after that you click on upload video at the top right hand side of the video box then scroll down to add a you tube video: Enter URL you click on that and then enter the URL for the video then it will upload and there you have it hope this helped x Download Dvdvideosoft. Add the Url of the YouTube Video and Paste it to DvdVideosoft. when you're done, go on My Documents, DvdVideoSoft, then the selected video. Then you can either Upload it to YouTube, or Convert it to an Mp4

Where can you find the URL on a youtube video?

At the top of the screen in the search box

How do you put a YouTube video to your iTunes?

You can, the other person was wong, if you go to Google and typr in "Youtube to mp3 converter" then all you do is get your youtube video URL code and convert it. its quite easy

How do you get a video from YouTube to Bebo?

click upload video on your bebo profile, and at the bottom of the new page there should be a link saying 'enter a URL from youtube' click that and ener the URL / link to the youtube vid you wanted :) hope i helped btws add me

Is it possible to copy videos from YouTube?

yes copy the video URL then goto keepvid and put in URL,press download then save as anyfile you want and there you have it the youtube video of your choice. you can then post it back on youtube if you want and this is legal! Hope it helped!

Where can you download a 911 video?

You can download it by going to youtube and going to the URL, and replace the word "Youtube" with "voobys" dont change anything else in the URL, it will automaticly redirect you to where you can download the video.

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